Portfolio questions???

  • When doing our portfolio pics...are we supposed to leave room/space for the text?
    I am finding this difficult to do because of trying to incorporate "space" into the composition without it looking off balance. Is there a trick to it that I don't know about? Please share what y'all would suggest. THX

  • @arent-draper I think the answer is yes and no. If you are aiming to do children's books some of your images should show that you can create a composition with room for text but it is fine if some of them do not. In some cases you will have a single page illustration with the text on the opposite page or a vignette with the text above or below.

    I have been working on some two-page spreads for my portfolio and I find it easiest to make up some text (It doesn't have to be the most spectacular writing in the world) or to borrow some text from the public domain to mock into my competitions. When thumbnailing I know a lot of illustrators will draw in some horizontal black bars to represent the visual weight of a text block to help achieve a balanced composition.

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    @arent-draper I agree with @StudioLooong. I have some double page spreads with text in my portfolio. And recently my new agent asked me to draw a spread of the Nativity to prepare my portfolio for the holidays. I didn't actually include text in it but I planned space for text in my composition, and the first thing she said is "It's clear from this that you know how to compose a page spread for a book". From her comment I surmise publishers look for this skill when cruising portfolios

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