How to Ink Group Runthrough Week 4

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    @Kuarahy I believe @Jake-Parker said that he uses the Colorerase pencils because that doesn’t happen. It was in ... I can’t remember correctly. I think the how to draw everything class, but I’m not sure. I’ve watched so many 🤪. I’ll try and find it.
    Anyway, I have the same problem, I use cheepo crayola pencils and they resist water too. I haven’t bought the colorerase pencils yet because I haven’t used up my crayolas and I’m frugal. Lol.

  • @Kuarahy I have tried colorerase pencils before. They are very different from the normal waxy pencil. If you are planning to sketch for inking, colorerase penicls are great. Blue lead pencil also works(now you can get other colors than blue as well).

  • @Erin-Cortese the author has a youtube channel as well. great resources for inking especially 🙂

  • @demotlj so good. such a delicated lines, and beautiful tonal.

  • Revisiting cheap drawing paper for ink wash practice yesterday. For these small sized paintings, cheap papers actually do pretty ok job.

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    Yesterday homework done this morning. The universe added a couple more things to my to do list yesterday and didn’t give me a heads up so I ran out of time. I hate it when the universe does that. 😜
    Today’s homework will be posted very much later tonight. 😬

  • Here is today. I may do a mixed media approach this year. Maybe brushpen, micron, alcohol marker, and gel pen. IMG_20190912_142422_749.jpg

  • @burvantill @xin-li perfect, thanks! I'll try the colorerase pencils then. And I hadn't thought about the blue pencils, maybe I'll see how I like those too!

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    I really like the crosshatch with the micron 02. I focused more on practicing that today instead of scales. I did try and use the same values in the picture from the 5steps in the scale balloon though.
    Tomorrow i think I will draw my own pic and practice on that.🙂

  • @xin-li thanks, I just subscribed to his channel 🙂

  • @xin-li Those inkwashes really do look beautiful! I think you may be on to something style-wise that's worth exploring 😃

    @burvantill I am jealous of your work ethic 😃 I have a really hard time doing all that hatching 😅

  • @Braden-Hallett I know what you mean by that hatching thing. That is why I decided to try nk wash to apply value 😃 Thank you for the encouragement. I have been itching to pick up wet media (water color or ink) for a year now, I found it very intimidating in the past. Finally, I have the courage to do so. I think being part of this art community and starting on cheap copy papers were the keys for me.

  • @burvantill why isnt this in that Instagram post?? Is so good!

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    @Aleksey LOL Thanx! Because its a picture from a coloring book. I knew I was going to be busy this week so I copied out several of the same page to do my practice on. I think I will be able to squish in enough practice time today or tomorrow morning to ink one of my own drawings.
    @Braden-Hallett I think I am drawn to the hatching because when I was young my mother had a print of an ink drawing of wine tasters that was about 18" wide and completely hatched. I would just stand with my nose a few inches from it and stare. it was amazing. Unfortunately it burned up when the house caught on fire and I have never been able to find another. It's called The Wine Tasters if anyone knows where I can get a replacement. I don't know the artist, I was 12 and wasn't interested in people. lol.

    Edit: Just for giggles a did another web search (hadn't done one in about 5 years) for it and FOUND IT! Out of stock though, 😑 but hey i found one. So theres hope. LOL
    Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 1.37.15 PM.png

  • @burvantill ohhh classic. I think you’d really like a book i have called rendering in pen and ink by arthur guptil. Dejavu though i think we may have already discussed this book.

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    @Aleksey Its possible, but I don't remember🙄😜. I just looked it up and it doesn't look familiar. From just looking at the cover I think I would like it. =)x

  • Daily ink wash practice. This one I sketched a bit (2 thumbnails instead of 50 😃 ) Splashing is fun, but I think I over did it. I also messed up the little girl character in the bottom corner. Next up, I should try nib for tighter details, and maybe try a toothbrush for splashing?

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    @xin-li I really like this and I think adding details with a fine point would be very effective. I hope you post it if you do try it.

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    I haven’t been as vigilant at my daily practice as I should be but today I did some digital work while watching TV. I feel like I must be much slower than everyone else because I never fill the page like you all do.


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    Day 5 of week 4. I’m looking forward to next weeks Light and Shadow😃. I think I need help in that department😬. How to add shadow without loosing the subject in all of the hatch lines🤔🤪


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