INKTOBER Pre show!!!

  • @jakecrowe the only way I can do it is to assign it to my students and do it alongside them. I call it modeling.

  • Here are the official prompts:
    alt text

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  • I'm super excited for Inktober this year! My shirt just came in the mail yesterday so I'm super offical now! haha My plan for this year is to design a different (cute) monster everyday following the prompts. At the end of the month, I'll have a collection to pick from to paint my son's new room with(He getting bumped up because he has a new sibling coming around the New Year!).

  • @zacharygephardt that's so cool. Congratulations! Children are a blessing!

  • check out Imagine FX mag this month - Happy 10th birthday Inktober! article. I'm reading it on the Readly app. There's a great selection of Inktober drawings.

  • @jakecrowe interesting--your post gave me an idea. I'm so new at all of this that pretty much that I can get value out of any of the exercises. My Inktober last year, which was my first was hard, time-consuming and fabulous. I'm just now using a couple of the daily panels and adding to them for a 3 page comic that I'm thrilled with. I didn't post each day or may be even at all (that takes more time).

    So I've been thinking this year to ink one of my drawings every day, and maybe the same drawing every day (or until I can't do that one any more and move on to a second one). Goal-inking practice, using the things I'm learning in the Inking 2.0 Class.

    But your post made me think about if I could quickly INK thumbnails Kind of combine working with ink and thumbnailing. Now I could be working on control-in-inking....but I also can use practice in loosening up.

    I hope you'll post all those thumbnails!

  • I always struggle with inktober i lobe the idea but never have any ideas and never make it past the first or second day so this year I'm am practicing and tring to get in the habit of daily inking already but this morning I thought of an idea... Puppy posetober lol we have a new puppy and he is constantly laying in crazy ways and it would help me practice form drawing and texturing


    Reference to the silliness 😂

  • 31 drawings seems intimidating. How has anyone gotten over that mind hurdle?

    I guess that’s about how many pages are in a children’s book?

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    Here’s some inspiration from artist Aaron Horkey. This guy is over the top awesome with ink.

  • @ambiirae eeeek!!!!! WHAT A CUTE PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What kind of dog? so cute! Reminds me of a Beauceron we had, she passed away last year at a very old age...........sorry.........bit of a dog geek here! I think your inking idea of puppy poses sounds awesome. I'm working on images now for inktober and my day for "dragon" I made a dragon and my whole family says it looks like my dog lol!!!!!

  • Im doing a bunch of gnome drawings using the official prompts. Gonna try and increase things for my cartooning portfolio while working on my visual development.


  • @Coley lol thank you! Hes a mutt as far as we know unfortunetly the shelter didnt have any info on his breed. I love baeurecrons though they are soooo beautiful ❤ funny I've been looking at photos of them alot lately

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    @zacharygephardt me too! I’m planning to make a halloween themed monster line up.

  • I really like realism and I am pretty good at drawing animals. I had this idea tonight of drawing the adventures of two or three little mice each day of inktober, maybe similar in style to Jan Brett, Graham Baese (sp?), or Rivulet Paper. Each day would follow the prompt but be suggestive of a scene of a story. What do you think? I figured if well done and interesting, people may tune in to see what happens each day. Plus I have a really fun idea for a few of them.

  • @chrisaakins I think that's a great idea. I'd totally tune in for that!

  • Last year was actually my first Inktober and I loved it!!!! My only struggle was getting myself to do it every single day and not have to have crazy long catch up days. Advice?

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    I usually do monsters from kids descriptions on facebook. We'll see how it goes this year. I have a lot going on. Last year I sent postcards with their monster on it in watercolor and ink. Maybe I'll do plain ink this time and they can just color them......

  • @TessaW here is a study sketch for the project. I am actually excited about this!
    This is a deer mouse.

  • @ambiirae he looks a bit beaceroney lol . Cute anyhow . Looking forward to your sketches

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