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  • Just found SVS recently in my pursuit of getting back to drawing, so will be my first attempt. Really thankful for this as I was looking for something project like to practice the classes with. yeti_thumb.png Thumb

    competition_dec3_yeti.png First Rough



  • SVS OG

    Is this for the Third Thursday prompt? Let me see if I understand what is going on--elves are putting reindeer ears on a big monster--abominable snowman, maybe?

    I think its a fun idea, but to make it clear that it is a response to the prompt I feel like it would need something more--maybe the sleigh getting loaded in the background or something. Just a thought.

  • @Sarah-LuAnn Thanks Sarah for the feedback! I added in a sleigh with a bag for the first elf to stand on. Hoping to tone it down a bit so it doesn't take as much emphasis as the yeti.

  • I started coloring the image and was really enjoying it but I finished another class and felt like the image wasn't quite what I wanted for the challenge and I wanted to paint it a bit differently. Seems I keep moving and learning before I can get this done, not a bad thing 🙂 colorelf.png

    So I reworked the image into something else I can paint later because I did really like the characters. They are trimming a tree now. yetitree.png

    I really wanted to do a gnome like santa but thought it was stretching a bit when it came to his size vs the sick reindeer so settled for a dwarf like one instead and a woodland scene. I want it to be very pastel looking and soft with the light he is carrying the only light source.
    Very loose drawing and shading reference and then another image with some more comp changes and animals. Each layer has a different color reason it is so colorful atm.

    Welcome any feedback!

  • I am totally in love with the 3rd drawing in your initial post. The white eyes I know aren't intentional, you're just blocking in the shape. But to me they have the same " evil " look superhero masks give in comic books, and I thought the final was going to be 2 evil mischievous elves dressing up an unsuspecting polar bear. I think that idea is hilarious, and what I got right away from the sketch.

    Your other styles are also very adorable, as to making this fit the prompt, you could just turn the abominable snowman into Santa. Then it would be like the elves telling him, you're gonna have to lead your own slay boss! Anyway welcome to SVS, and I look forward to more of your work!

  • I totally agree with Bobby. I think you got a very lovely style here.

  • @Stephanie-Hider I love the paint job u did on the little elf! The colors and texture are wonderful!!

  • @Thrace-Shirley-Mears @Bobby-Aquitania @Naroth-Kean Thank you all so much for the feedback and kind words.

    @Bobby-Aquitania Until you said that it never occurred to me that they could be seen that way as that was just my sphere reference for their eye placement. Sounds like a neat idea! I might explore something like that when I do the superhero class.

  • Sweet, I wasn't planning on watching those classes, as I took classes in college on it. I've taught it to my 6th graders. And superhero art is something I did for the COH gaming community for over 3 years, then for the DCUO gaming community prior to the game's release. I know A LOT about it... I've got tons of books, I've even spoken to some industry pros. It's basically my first love.

    But I like Jake Parker's style a lot, his Inking class was great. So I may give in as a guilty pleasure. If I do, you and I may be the only ones doing the exercises on here, lolol... In either case, I look forward to your work when you do take the course.

  • @Bobby-Aquitania I don't think I have ever drawn a super hero now that I think about it which is odd because I loved superwoman and spiderman growing up. I do too. Was at barnes and noble and saw the Little Snowplow in person last night and the coloring/style is just so wonderful. I look forward to seeing your class work too!

  • @Stephanie-Hider

    Dang, that book is perfect for my wife, just bought it this second on Amazon. My wife can't remember the name of the movie star we just saw on TV last week, but she can tell you every size of bolt and lug nut it takes to build something... and when we met, she drove something similar for the garden center she worked at... thanks for mentioning it, I just googled it to know what you were talking about, and now she got another Xmas present! 😃

  • @Bobby-Aquitania Very nice! He did such a great job illustrating that, hope she likes it.

  • @Stephanie-Hider I think she will, she also joined SVS as she's an artist too, but hasn't had any free time to join in on the fun.

  • My first attempt at coloring it.


  • I like it a lot but the color scheme on Santa does read more like a European version, and in the US might be mixed up as a dwarf...

  • Thanks! Oh that is intentional. I really like the more european looking santas. My style is definitely not like his but I love these type of gnome/dwarf scenes

    My original idea was to do a gnome who was being pulled be hedgehogs and in a pinecone sleigh 😃 but the reindeer being that tiny was too much to explain.

  • Ah well there you go... any reason why the other animals have no color?

  • @Bobby-Aquitania

    I wanted to direct the eye specifically with just color. I am experimenting with something like this

    Where all secondary items are treated with less detail and monochromatic. However I don't think I did it as well as the makesomething drawings.

  • @Stephanie-Hider Please forgive me for my paint over without getting your permission. I had several suggestions and our goal at SVS is to offer help whenever we can 🙂 ... 1. I added more space around Santa and the top of the polar bear for breathing room. 2. I made Santa's lantern the brightest light. 3. Darken the foreground to frame the image and simplifyStephanie.jpg the value pattern. 4. I flipped the image to promote left to right reading.

  • @Will-Terry Wow thank you so much! That looks so much better, the lighting/values especially which I am struggling with as it's a new thing for me.

    On a side note I want to thank you for this site. My original intent when going back to drawing more was to improve my commercial icons and maybe sell some little doodle illustrations as graphics. Until I started looking at the classes and exploring it never occurred to me that maybe I could do this on a whole new level, so I appreciate you expanding my own dreams if that makes sense.

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