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    I decided to take my environment design assignment al the way to final composition. I chalked away at this one slowly, trying to learn more about colour and lighting. Feedback welcome.

    Next, I'm going to attempt to add some animation 🙂


  • @Erin-Cortese That is SO cool Erin!!!

  • @Erin-Cortese This is awesome! One bit of feedback, if you follow the light from the moon (which looks to be your main light source) there would also be a cast shadow (from the wall with the two arch doors) on the bottom part of the clock tower (I hope I explained that in an understandable way). Also, it looks like there is a second light source that is casting the characters shadow on the wall. I would add some indication of the light source (maybe use a different light color). Just a few notes but overall, I think this looks really cool. I'm getting a mysterious, and potentially a fantastic or magical vibe from the piece. I really like how it's drawn as well, especially the brick details and the texture on the ground. What programs do you work in?

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    @Erin-Cortese Amazing! It’s so eerie!

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    @BichonBistro @Nyrryl-Cadiz Thank you very much!

    @Zachary-Drensk Thank you for the feedback! I think I see the area of shadow you are referring to, I will add that. The cast light from off screen I imagine to be a combination of streetlights and traffic lights. I added a red hue to try and distinguish between the offscreen light and the moonlight. I have tried to pump it up and even add more pronounced lighting in some areas but I couldn’t get it to work. I think there are a few more things I can try though. I struggle with night lighting, so if you have any specific suggestions I’m all ears 🙂

  • @Erin-Cortese I don't know the best solution. If it were me trying to solve this particular problem I'd gather references and go out at night time and study street lamps or car headlights on a wall. I would probably ask how does the light color affect the wall color? What happens to the ground where the light is hitting it? And how much does the light spread out on the wall? Is it brighter in the middle?

    Another idea is to set up props like boxes and things and grab a couple of light sources and recreate your scene. Like I said before, it's a really nice piece

  • This is really cool! Only feedback I have is the silhouettes on the foreground bushes look kind of copy and paste to me. I love spooky scenes! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    @TessaW Shoot! You are absolutely right. I did an initial copy and paste and the I changed the leaves, but somewhere in the process I reverted - they are nearly identical. Argh. I did some repositioning along the way and must have lost the right bush. Have to redo 😣

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    This is fabulous!

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    @lmrush Thank you!

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