On-Screen Tablet Experience If It's Helpful

  • Hi everyone, relatively new to SVS and the forums, but I thought I'd post something that might be helpful for others. I've been wrestling with a standard tablet for some time, just a normal Wacom Intuos 4 Medium is what I had been using.

    I was working on a project and my hand was just constantly getting fatigued, and I had listened to one of the podcasts where Will Terry said his experience was the same and he went out and bought a Cintiq and it essentially solved the problem.

    Like a lot of people I don't have the budget for that, so I started researching a lot of tablets that I could actually afford. The two that it came down to in the end was the Artisul and the XP Pen, both in the 16 inch size. The main reason these two stood out was because they have the laminated screen in the newest 2019 editions, which reduced that distance between the glass and the digitizer to almost nothing (similar to how the Cintiq's work).

    Went with the XP Pen purely on the fact that it had a coupon for $50 off the 16 inch model, making it about $380 with tax off of Amazon (this specific model here).

    After 3-4 weeks of use I have to say I'm pretty darn happy with it. All the discomfort with the tablet is non-existent, so if that was a roadblock for anyone else that's something to consider.

    I did a little warmup drawing this morning on it, trying some different styles with digital pencil and some of the kyle's brushes I hadn't used in the past. If anyone has any questions I'm happy to answer them and hopefully it's helpful as a potential way to go if someone's been on the fence about getting a tablet.

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    @jdubz thanks for the real-world review! I bought a smaller one by XP last year, to replace my on Wacom Bamboo Fun, and I didn’t like it at all. Went back to the old tablet. Maybe I should take a look at the one you bought. Is the color muted at all, being a laminated screen?

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    @jdubz Funny coincidence, today the animation department at the college I attended just posted on Facebook a picture of their classrooms just now outfitted with brand new XP Pen 22 inch! Everyone's super stoked about it, I have to admit I'm a bit jealous LOL. Back when I went there we had good old medium Intuos tablets

  • @jdubz this post was really helpful for me! I bought an xp pen deco 03 and I like it, but I need something that lets me create right on the screen (got the tablet as I wasn't sure I was going to really get into digital work or not but am really loving it). So will save up my pennies!!!!!
    What program do you use on it? Do you connect to photoshop etc? I am not really sure how that part of it works. thanks so much for posting your experience!

  • @Kat It looks to me like the leaps year over year have been pretty significant, and the lamination really helps.

    I've been following Brad Colbow's reviews of these things over the years, and that distance of the glass and the screen has been staying my hand for a while. It was like Wacom was SO much better because of that

    I will say this about the color - I'm running a 27" IPS monitor as my main screen, and the colors actually look more washed out on my main IPS compared to the tablet. So they're more vibrant on the XP tablet by far.

    Now, bear in mind I haven't used a Cintiq more than just demoing it, so maybe that experience is significantly better I don't know. But for someone that's got a limited budget and wants to draw on screen, I gotta say this is a great solution.

  • @Coley It's an extension of your computer, so it's just like another monitor. So whatever programs you're using on your desktop you're using here. I'm using Photoshop mainly (I have Creative Cloud for my work, so it's whatever version that is now).

  • @jdubz aha , thank you for clarifying 🙂

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    @jdubz i had the same experience. I was using the Wacom Intuos small before and it gave me a lot of hand problems. I switched to an iPad pro last year and all the pain went away. My work flow has becaome way faster too. So for those of you who may have a few bucks to spare go for a pen-display tablet.

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    @Nyrryl-Cadiz I love my iPad Pro too. I was determined to learn to use it with Procreate, and now that I’ve gotten more familiar with the program, photoshop seems sort of awkward. (Or maybe it’s just ME that’s awkward LOL!)

  • I think if you opt for the iPad, make sure you do get the larger pro size. I just found the smaller one ended up being a bit too awkward because it's not quite big enough (large enough to seem like it's large enough but actually large enough lol).

  • I draw with an Artisul D16, and I'm pretty happy with it. I transitioned straight from mouse to the on-screen tablet, and I can say that it's much better that way heh. I've used mine for about 1.5 years now; it's kind of scratched but it hasn't had any major issues besides a broken cable once. The colors are a little brighter on the tablet screen than on the computer, but once you get used to that and know how to adjust your art it doesn't become too much of a bother.

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