My first Children's Book - Bed Head

  • Hey amazing artists and students!

    Long time (silent) follower in the forums and big 3PP fan here. Ive learned a ton on this forum and have always been so reticent to share much of my work (Hello, my name is imposter syndrome) but i wanted to drop a note and share some art from my first ever children's book: Bed Head, a Hair-Raising Adventure.


    The story follows Eli as he goes to bed and the hairs on his head wake up and get into all sorts of shenanigans.

    Bed Head - Interiors4.jpg

    The illustrations are "final" but have not gone to print so still have room for some tweaks if you guys have some feedback. Im very proud of the work but know i have a TON more i can learn from you amazing people.

    Bed Head - Interiors5.jpg

    Bed Head - Interiors11.jpg

    Anyways, thanks for always being a fountain of knowledge and support to both the SVS team and to all of you fellow forum explorers.

  • Nice work! Actually completing a kid's book is a major accomplishment 🙂

  • Thanks @Braden-Hallett its been something ive been working through for over a year now. I could have kept drawing and noddling for another year but like @Jake-Parker says, “finished not perfect”? Hopefully we get it funded and are shipping it in a few months so we can make “ship happen”! Its been a CRAZY learning experience just putting it together.

  • @pagurcia what a cool concept for a book! The images are colorful and eye-catching. I'm looking forward to seeing it in print. All the best from Canada.

  • Congrats!!! I know it feels good to get that finished. Make sure to celebrate

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    @pagurcia i love your concept. Great job finishing a book!

  • hi @pagurcia, thanks for sharing this! I know how it can feel to share your work here (imposter syndrome). I never feel up to the level of artwork that is posted here.

    Congrats on the book! Looks like a very fun concept and I love the nuances in the hair! Hope it sells well 🙂 Good luck!

  • Thanks @kadelex Holly Becker, the writer, had the fun idea and bringing it to life was a ton of fun!

  • @Perrij We will celebrate BIG once the KS wraps. Its been such a fun ride im almost sad its over (just means i have to find a new project to jump on ASAP!)

  • @Sofie-Schollaert Yep, incredibly humbling seeing such awesome art and deep knowledge here but making a concerted effort to throw my work in the ring and hope for improvement and growth and get over the "fear". You should post up your work, so far you all have been incredibly encouraging! 🙂

  • Such a fun idea for a children's book, and I feel like you did such a great job of depicting the hair. I love the contrast of the warm hair color to the cool background. Everything pops real nicely 🙂 Something about the first page feels different to me than the other pages- too me it doesn't pop quite as much as the other images, and I think it may be that there's a little too much black used to create shadows?? To me it feels like using more blues and purples would give your page some great color while still helping the reader see that the boy is entering a dark room. Just an idea 🙂 And you did such a great job of the images on page 18 and 19 I like the energy you created by giving us various close ups of his hair running a-muck! Great job, and best wishes!

  • @cam-royce that is a GREAT point. That spread has all the legal jargon and junk on the left half so thats the reason for the large dark space. Ill try adjusting the shadows to match the purples and colors of the “dark” on the rest of the pages. THANKS!

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    @pagurcia that would make for a great movie. Sorta like Inside Out. Congrats on the book! To finish a project like that is a huge accomplishment.

  • Way to go! Love your style 🙂

  • Well done! Excellent stuff

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