Decorative Pirate Cabin WIP

  • So after worrying (in my other thread) about not having a style and being all over the place...I spent a lot of time thinking about how I like to draw and what kind of style could I see myself doing consistently...something that took my interests but also fit into the children's book "look". And I started a new piece! So blahblahblah long story short, here's the WIP and I'll continue to post progress shots..hopefully..


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    @Perrij this is already looking great. Your girl looks so pretty and delicate. I’ll stay tuned!

  • Thanks Nyrryl!! Slow progress...dragging my feet along hereWIP.png

  • I like your style, it is so nice to look at, delicate. Looking forward to see more.

  • @MichaelaH Thanks Michaela!! Appreciate it


    A liiiiittle bit of progress...Trying to decide how I want to handle the tapestry behind the captain. Do i want a lot of detail? What should I put there? The problem is that most of the tapestry is covered up, so it'll be difficult to make it look like anything at all, I think...

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    I wonder if what you do with the tapestry has to do with what story you're telling with the image. Where do you want the emphasis to be? Is it on the globe? The pirate? The girl? If the story you're telling is actually about the tapestry behind them, that might dictate what you do with it...

  • Ah, @Coreyartus that's a good point....Although I feel it would be so difficult to tell a story with the small segment that we see of the tapestry. But I should give it a shot. Is it weird to say that my emphasis is the look between the two characters? (second one is a white blob right now) Edit: I WILL FIGURE THIS OUT. I AM DETERMINED 😂

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