July WIP - Can't trust the GPS

  • hey guys!
    Thought I'd open a thread to go through my process for the july prompt this month. I have a lot of time to participate for the first time, so I want to try and work on this properly.
    I've got a few thumbnails, and a rough value composition for one of the ideas so far.

    My Idea is based on the hiking holidays my dad used to drag us on when we were kids. He had this old GPS that he used on the hikes, and sometimes the GPS and the map would disagree and we'd end up walking through thorns and mud for a mile before we realized we were on the wrong track. We'd be tired, cold and wet! Not a good time then, but I remember it fondly now of course!



    Feedback is much appreciated! Is there another thumbnail that might have worked better? Should I go back to the drawing board on this?

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    @Nathalie-Kranich I think any one of the thumbnails would work, but I was really drawn to 3. The environment and body language of the characters has more interest for me in 3. I especially liked that the Dad still looks confident in the direction, it adds a lot of humour.

  • @Nathalie-Kranich I remember hikes like that 🙂

    I like the thumbnail you chose. It gives a nice impressions of 'the middle of nowhere'.

    However, I like #3 as well since slogging through waist-deep somethingorother gives the family a much better reason to be VERY unhappy with the situation. You could maybe have a crocodile eyeing up the campers or something.

    Nice work so far!

  • Thanks guys! I was wondering if maybe the extreme discomfort of number 3 would make for a better themed submission 😃 I think I'll work up a sketch for that one too and see from there!

  • 98688d1b-b43e-445d-9422-f3d2cd5d05f7-image.png

    I have worked up the third thumbnail into a sketch here, and I think you guys are right, this one includes more humour and emotion, What do you reckon? This or the last one?

  • @Nathalie-Kranich I like this new one better Nelly 😉 I like how here all 4 are in, in the first sketch there was the dad and the others. Here I like it better

  • Yeah! I love this latest sketch the best too @Nathalie-Kranich. This makes me remember my dad taking me and my two little bros on hikes. He was always funny with asking for directions 🙂 The good times

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    @Nathalie-Kranich I like this new one the best!

  • I love the idea of a dad taking kids on an adventure and them being less than enthused. When I was a kid, things were always worse if my brother was excited about something and I was not. It might up the anti to have one kid totally excited about the adventure. It also will create a foil with the children.

    Watch the branch tangent above the little girl.

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    I like the latest sketch too because of the idea but also the pointed finger is not leading your eye right off the page. There is some space and foliage to bring out eye back down.

  • b063e600-15b5-4dd5-b8b4-feb302327233-image.png

    Starting to detal the painting!

  • I love this idea! It's shaping up really nicely. My only feedback would be to watch the proportions of the little girl's face. Her chin is quite large and it's making her look older than what her body indicates. Can't wait to see the final!

  • 6233b5c1-eb93-4645-98bc-048d82dcdc6f-image.png

    I'm nearing finish with this! Feel like I could maybe push it further somehow...not sure what's misisng though. Any ideas?
    I'll have another look at the girl's chin! I thought her face would tilt up, and she'd pucker her lips so the chin would seem quite high, but maybe it's not achieving the effect I was aiming for. Cheers!

  • You're right, I like her better now!


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