July Art Prompt WIP Alligator Attack!

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    I really like this idea! image has a Fruit ninja vibe to it . Maybe one of the missiles can be hitting alligator so he can be reacting to that? Looking forward to seeing how it evolves. 🙂

  • Hahaha! Yeah, I like that idea! Thanks Miss Mushy 🙂

  • @Squirrel-Size said in July Art Prompt WIP Alligator Attack!:

    Hey @Braden-Hallett, I'm trying to keep it on the lighthearted side, so I'm probably leaning more towards a nuisance that needs to be scared away. Do you think its going in the right direction or do I need to edit the croc to be less "scary" (maybe file his teeth down a bit)?

    'nuisance that needs to be scared away' is definitely the vibe I was picking up on. If that's what you're goin' for, that's what I'm readin' 🙂

  • Before
    Untitled_Artwork 37.jpg
    Untitled_Artwork 38.jpg

    Okay! I've rearranged and edited a few things from suggestions. I really like where it is going now 🙂 Anymore tips before I get this baby completed!

    I'm thinking about switching the position of the rabbit and chipmunk. According to my characters, Miss Chip wouldn't be trying to save her own tail, by hanging on the branch. She would be throwing watermelon or something. Miss Rabbit would be more prone to jumping out of the way.

  • Hello! 🙂

    I love how recognizable your style and color palette is. It's really nice and reminds me of Beatrix Potter.

    Have you considered just having the croc's arm protruding out of the frame and having the body cut off by the frame? I keep thinking about how his body fades off, and I find it pulling my attention away from your main scene.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Awe thanks @KathrynAdebayo! I love Beatrix Potter. Yeah, I was thinking about maybe putting the croc inside the frame. But now I can see how it distracts. I'll put him inside the frame 🙂 thanks again!

  • Okay, I changed around a few characters. I swapped Miss Rabbit and Miss Chip. Miss Chip is Miss Squirrel's partner in crime and not a type to just get out of the way. I also fiddled around with Miss Weasel. She has been a challenge to work with, but I think she is finally looking less awkward.

    I'm finally about ready to move onto the next stage of this drawing . . . finally lol

    Untitled_Artwork 41.jpg

  • I'm going to be turning the Picnic Croc into a portfolio piece. So I've decided to make an accompanying piece for the art above. Its all the characters marching to the lake for the picnic. Hopefully I will finish it tonight 🙂
    suggestions and tips welcome

    (Oh, also I'm going to be redoing a few more things in the Picnic Croc art. I'm resizing Miss Rabbit and Miss Weasel before hitting the next step, they are just too small in comparison to the other animals).

    Untitled_Artwork 42.jpg

  • You have a lot of fun characters. so cool.
    I am getting the vibe the Alligator is like a loud unwelcomed neighbor that everyone wants to avoid. The only thing I am think is that maybe the Alligator shoudl have some kind of accessories, since all other animals in the scene have cloths, and somewhat anthropomorphic. Maybe a pair of thick glasses would be fun.

  • @xin-li Oh thanks! Thats a good idea! I didn't even think about giving the Croc any accessories. I'll see what I'll come up with 🙂

  • Almost done! Going to add some more details to the characters and some final touches. Any thoughts?

    Untitled_Artwork 47.jpg

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