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  • Daily shapes, this time ithe first two were difficult...

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    @MichaelaH So sweet!!

  • @ShannonBiondi Thank You 🤗

  • The first sheet of daily shapes - roughly one a day. Pencil and pencil crayons. 🙂



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    I just completed a series of animal portraits that I'd been working on. I'm imagining these as a collection of small posters for for preschool-1st grade students. They were all done in Procreate. I learned a lot!! It was an opportunity to practice some different types of fur and play with Procreate's symmetry tool. I also got to dabble with Will Terry's "glow effect black color dodge layer", which was fun.


  • Here's a photo of my sketchbook - currently I'm studying Botanical Illustration in colored pencil, and doing one drawing every day in July. The first was an orange day lily using a reference photo I took in a field of flowers. July 2nd (today) was "Dancing Cherries" from a tutorial by Ann Swan. Generally to do a good drawing in realism, I should spend a week on it (or longer). But this is just to practice daily discipline, so the challenge is to draw these faster but not uglier, and to still learn how to create better drawings, which is working for me in this challenge. Yay!
    July drawaday Botanical Illustrations.jpg

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    @Chip-Valecek Very impressive. I’ve done a lot of home renovation over the years and finally decided to pay people to do anything involving plumbing! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished work.

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    I posted my linework for this piece based on a herd of Highland cattle in the June thread so here is my “color study.” I put that in quotes because it was only intended to be a study for the traditional line and wash I started today but if the line and wash turns out horribly, I’ll be okay with this one. Highland cattle are really adorable.


  • Hi, I'm Jake. I'm new here to SVS and thought this would be a good place to say hello! Professionally I'm a graphic designer out of Boston, MA but Illustration is my passion. I'd like to steer my career in that direction. I'm still floating on where I should focus. I feel like children's books is where I would like to go, though I lean toward the gross a lot of the time so I don't think my current portfolio represents that.

    I'm starting my month (well, end of June) with color. Like a dope, I skipped color theory in college. Last week I took Will Terry's 'Magic of Color' class and have been practicing my color on my Inktober drawings from last year. I've also started a new Instagram account as I have recently become a dad and felt the need to separate my family from my work.

    For the rest of themonth I plan continuing color practice and blowing out my new IG account with my colored Inktobers from last year. I'd also like to start a portfolio that more represents the Illustrator I'd like to be!


  • @jakecrowe

    Hello and welcome -can you share your IG account (the new one you started) and or a website with your current work to see how we can help you get to your children’s illustration from how did you say the gross lols.

  • @Heather-Boyd


    IG: thejakecrowe

    Website: jakecrowe.com

    I’ll gladly start a new thread this week if this isn’t the appropriate place to post.

  • @jakecrowe

    Start a new thread if you want to answer question or receive feedback, this is purely like walking into a gallery and observing with some niceties lols.

    I like your photography-landscape and the wood trunk. And also your chickens but I do agree for the most part your portfolio is not children friendly. But I think as a new dad - children inspiration will come.

    I just found this illustrator - I really am entertained by his stories of his kids growing up and his style.


    Where was that landscape photograph taken -last photograph on your design page?

    If I don’t get back to you I will be returning from a trip in 2 weeks.

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    @MichaelaH I saw these on discord. So fluffy cute. 👍😃

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    I’m ready to ink this. It goes with my previous Little Red Cap illustration, but it’s actually the page before the other. I did the other as part of an assignment for the Visual Storytelling Techniques class. Then Lee assigned another, saying to use the same story. Since I had already illustrated the END of the story I had to work backwards. 🙄😜
    I’m hoping these will look good together my portfolio. Sequence and illustrative continuity🤞. I’m also loving the clothes patterns. It’s quite relaxing to draw pattern. No wonder Zentangle was such a hit. 😂

  • @Heather-Boyd Thanks for sharing! Those little orange balls really add a lot of chaos to the images, I love it. Hopefully a child in my life can help me refocus. It's so easy to start being silly around her, not that she knows much of what's going on just yet.

    Unfortunately all the photography in my design page is by other photographers. I'm using them as sort of set pieces to break up my designs and set the scene the designs. I can see how it can be confused as being my work however. I should find another solution if that's the case.

    The photo you are liking in particular is by Felix Russell-Saw, and all of the photos come from Unsplash which is a great place for public use photography. Read up on their licensing if you plan on using them for any professional work.

  • Daily shapes


  • I printed my first postcards and they came in the mail today! (white blobs covering up my personal info) Now time to stamp & send!


  • Daily shapes


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    I just saw these shape challenges for the first time yesterday. I hope guys don’t mind that I am joining late. These are so great for fueling creativity!


  • So I had to do an assignment where I analyzed an artifact and present the data with art. I analyzed a Babylon Bee satire on essential oils for men. Here is my visual presentation:
    I really had fun with it. Done with color pencils and alcohol markers.

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