Our SVS Virtual Studio JULY💥2019

  • I'm taking a self- guided landscape sketching class with Nathan Fowkes. Here are some plein air sketches from July, done in a limited palette with watercolor and white gouache. It's a good companion class to the light and color class I'm taking. One of my sketches blew away in the wind and fell into a pond when I was packing up my stuff.

    Plein Air July 2019-1.jpg

  • Daily -I squeezed it in. Lols


  • Created some Stranger Things art in between work on other paintings. Anyone else enjoy the latest season?

  • Sneaky... Sneeeeeeeeeeaky...


  • Daily

  • SVS OG

    Practising fabric - started watching new SVS course


  • My Daily for this week are characters...


  • dbb6170c-6181-4724-9067-17c8ee686985-image.png

  • 2019-07-30_194801.jpg

  • alt text

  • Finished the How To Ink 2.0 course last week, now starting the How To Draw Dynamic Folds Course ... this be a lil bit from the first demo "Overlapping Edges and Changes of Plane"

    alt text

    I turned me music up to full blast and got really into this 🙂 Also did an ink one to keep practicing my inking skills 🙂

  • daily2019-07-31_114959.jpg

  • Dinosaurs have so many nooks and crannies... Ugh.

    alt text

  • Young elephant done in acrylic. 🙂


  • SVS Team SVS OG

    Last day of July and I am sad I fell off my streak of horror paintings and weekly paintings. But that is because of the bathroom remodel that I posted early this month. And then shortly after I finally got the call (waiting for 2 years) that there was a standard poodle that needed to be rescued. He is 10 months old and had a very short and sad life so far. I made the road trip to south Indiana to get him. He fit right in with my other dog and of course my kids love him. So training and housebreaking has been taking up my time as well. I would like to introduce Seamus.


    Then last week JimBob prompt was announced... Evil Poodle... I mean come on how could I not do it LOL. I won't have it done in time but I liked the prompt. I am going back to my original style of no inking and working in local color vs going grey scale first.

    Step 1 - Rough Sketch not saved but you can kinda see it in step 2.

    Step 2 - Cleaned up rough sketch, rough sketch opacity down to 30%.


    Step 3 - clean sketch and rough sketch merged and opacity dropped to 60% and local color added below sketch layer.


    The rest will be posted in Virtual Studio August.

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    I was able to join in on the discord dailies today. I am going to do another Kick in the Creatives sketchbook challenge starting tomorrow. This one will be for a year. I did the month long one and even though I kept at it for the full month it didn’t take and I fell off the sketch wagon🤤. I am not going to try and do complete finished images, just sketches so hopefully it will take. Lol.

  • @burvantill That's you! Different usename on the discord 🙂 Now I know!

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    @Braden-Hallett 🤣. Yeeeeah. I started discord a while back for the express use of communication with my son while playing Minecraft so I used my gamer name 😬. I guess it had other uses I didn’t know about. Lol.

  • 20190726_224023[1].jpg

    It is still July where I live (for 2 more hours anyways). I have been working on some technical skills this month. I am getting groovy with my figure drawing (at least 15 minutes per day). I am diligently building my ink mark-making reference sketchbook. I have also been exploring the world of digital illustration. It is a whole new, extraordinarily different world, but it's nice to challenge myself.

    I have also been taking some SVS courses on the business side of things. Maybe I can start making money on my illustrations soon?!

    The posted image is a digital sketch. I think it's a good start, but I have a lot to learn. My husband didn't appreciate the darkness of the subject but sometimes I just want to draw evil creatures and skeleton fish. Other times I draw flowers. Life is about balance, no?

  • @TessaW Oh! These are wonderful Tessa! Sorry to hear about the loss of one of your sketches to the deeps (pond). Hopefully it was salvageable.

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