July art challenge: julike

  • @hannahmccaffery From what I understand, you could either 1)check the daily prompt on the website and you would see "Day 1: an animal you like," or 2) fill up the questionnaire and sign up, in which case you'd get a personalised email saying "Day 1: elephant" if that's what you answered. It's okay if you don't remember your answers, hehe.

    My understanding is that the personalised prompts you'll get emailed to you daily will all draw from the answers you've already given on your questionnaire.

    I didn't receive my day 1 prompt immediately. I received it together with my day 2 prompt on 2nd July (as per my timezone, anyways). You'd likely get your personalised prompts tomorrow. 🙂

  • Hi everyone, I will try to clarify here:

    The form is to make it easier for you, most of the following prompts/challenges will be like today's: 'the main character from one of your favorite movies'.
    It will automatically fill in 'one of your favorite movies' with the response you filled in the form, that's why the order doesnt' matter. (If you noticed, the number of questions is less than the number of days in july).

    The emails are being sent out automatically in the morning, that's why you didn't receive one yet if you subsribed after that moment.
    But I just sent the second day mail again for all new subscribers.

    Sorry for the confusion, this is the first time I am doing this and I thought it would be the easiest with automated mails...

    As for a full list, I did think about it, but somehow it preferred not to do it to keep things more exciting I guess? As I said, most of the following prompts won't be straight up your answers from the form, it will be a bit more creative 😉

    Anyway, thanks for participating, I'll see if I can set up an official Instagram account, then I can feature some drawings from the challenge as well 🙂

  • @Julike-Challenge Sounds good, thank you for clearing it all up 🙂
    Thank god you do remind us of our answers in the email as I've completely forgotten all of mine haha!

  • @Julike-Challenge

    I wish I was here for this month, maybe near the end I will try one.

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  • Ok. I'm working on painting it, but here's day one: zebra dove 🙂

    julike zebra dove~2.jpg

  • And here's it finished!

    zebra dove julike.jpg

  • @Kuarahy Very nice, I like the overall green tint you used. I did prefer the expression on the sketch though. Excited to see more images on here 🙂

  • Here's day. . . 2? Hushpuppy from Beasts of the Southern Wild.

    Hushpuppy julike.jpg

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  • @CLCanadyArts haha, that is a funny style indeed!
    I am trying to do them daily, haven't posted anything here yet though.

  • Here are some of my drawings (posting as myself in stead of Julike Official).
    Anyone still participating?

    Day 1: a platypus.
    alt text

    Day 5: Redraw something from jake parker in your own style.
    alt text

    Day 9: a cactus that is teal colored.
    alt text

  • I would like to thank everyone who participated (even partly).
    Hopefully you had fun and learned something. Hope to see you next year.
    Also, if you have any feedback, that would be great!

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