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  • Thanks @charlie-eve-ryan.

    I've been in the market for some basic art commissions and have been drawing up a storm to provide examples of what I can do. Inking or completing work in general frustrates me to no end, but these results were a little surprising.

    commissionsample04.jpg commissionsample03.jpg commissionsample02.jpg commissionsample01.jpg

  • Love your lively feel to your sketches.

  • Thanks. It's important to get that across for me. I'm glad I succeed somewhat.


  • Very nice!

  • I was considering just creating a whole new thread for art, but why not just resurrect this one instead? Makes me chuckle to see the old stuff at the top and go on to what's improved.

    Anyhoo, here's something I did on the iPad earlier. Found a few new brushes and started playing with how I apply line. I've always done the "draw every line and fill and colour" approach. Want to see what I can do with using it to just add definition instead of actually being the definition..... if that makes sense?


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    Your old stuff is still great. I like your character designs.

  • @Chip-Valecek Thanks. It's just interesting to see how one's style evolves 🙂

  • Today I tried something a little different for me, after seeing a delightful book in my local library called "I am the Seed that Grew the Tree", illustrated by Frann Preston-Gannon. (Honestly, anyone with the last name Gannon... Ganon... has to be rad).

    I was absolutely enthralled by her use of colour and texture, so had a bash at something myself on the iPad. The poem is also from that book... I hope this isn't considered plagiarism 😞

    But I rather like how it turned out anyway!


    And I'm thinking to myself... is this use of texture and shape overdone in the world of illustration? Or should I continue to explore it? What do you think?

  • I never cease to be amazed at how realistic digital art can get these days. Once you get the look you want, that is!
    Photoshop ink and wash:

    Coloured pencil look... on both platforms I use: (still working on this one)

  • @Amanda-Jean I love the textures!

  • @Amanda-Jean

    I like textures so I’d say go for it, because I haven’t found mine yet but I will!

  • I have an opportunity to contribute to some street art in my local area. We have these big metal boxes throughout the city which house the circuitry and doodads for traffic lights. There's been an ongoing initiative for years with local councils to paint them up and make them look "pretty" instead of just being big ugly grey metal things on street intersections. It's also an anti-graffiti incentive I believe.

    So anyway, I've been dying to do one for years but never had the confidence. Offers only crop up twice a year (I think) and they're very much in high demand, so it's first come first serve. This time I decided to say a big boohoo to my confidence issues and sign up for a box. Well I got one! So now I am busy designing to submit my proposal.

    The concept is in relation to a few very worrying and painful incidents that have happened in our area recently. Some sick fool has been putting poison or baited food in the public off-leash dog parks. Consequently, the dogs who impulsively eat everything and anything they find have ended up being taken to the vet in varying states of physical stress and illness... and a few have sadly passed on.

    This is my contribution to the memory of those dogs. I didn't know any of them, but I'm absolutely horrified that someone would do such awful things to these beautiful creatures and consequently cause pain to their owners and loved ones. It's murderous and sick. I feel helpless and extremely sad for people with dogs who are afraid to take their furchild out for exercise to these parks.

    So yeah... awful story... but trying to help ease people's pain and brighten their day.


    It will be challenging and I still have to double check the box area to make sure I can actually paint on all four sides, I think the back may be too close to a fence however, so I may have to reassess my composition a bit. Was thinking about putting them all on leads but that seemed a bit much, so maybe just a few.

    The birds are symbols of freedom and spirits. I have to submit the final design proposal tonight. What do you think?

  • Final sketch.

  • @Amanda-Jean I am glad you took the plunge and were rewarded with a box to paint—your final drawing is so cute! I especially like the cat’s expression 😊

  • @BichonBistro Thanks you 🙂

  • Last night I finalised color and submitted my Urban Smart Project proposal. Things may change when I actually paint, but for now I'm ok with this. The intention is to keep it simple, as it's my first outdoor project.


    I created a 3D mockup in Blender to see how it looks, and although my texture mapping skills are somewhat amateur, this is a result I'm satisfied with.

    urban_smart_project3.png urban_smart_project1.png

    You can see and interact with the 3D mockup here:

    Approval is pending. Fingers crossed!

  • 2019082200.png

  • @Amanda-Jean looks so good—best of luck!

  • They didn't approve it.... yet. Too much 'blank space' that defeats the purpose of being anti-graffiti. So I need to revise my background.

    In the meantime.... I've been toying with this style. Except I worked myself into a corner with the border and wasn't sure what to do with it, so I'm done for now.

  • @Amanda-Jean i can’t figure out how you would make it graffiti-proof except a dark night sky, then you would have to re-work the dog colors too 😫
    It’s so cute I can’t imagine anybody defacing it with graffiti 😕

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