Christmas caricature

  • So I am doing a caricature for a friend as a gift. He wont stop talking about gym and stuff like that so... I made him look as a really buffed Bond-like character with his own Bondgirl. What you think? The likeness is the most important. Wanted to give him a gun, but this posture is so typical for him, that I settled just for a chest holster. I have not decided what to do with the background yet, but I want to add some rim light, so maybe explosion? What really bothers me is the girls face...spend the most time on it and still looks awful...!
    Btw. the girl pose is "stolen" from one Frazetta painting 🙂


  • SVS OG

    Hehe, I like it! I think you need to make his hair lighter...looks pretty black in the drawing, and not reading that way in the photos. The girl is good, you need to lighten her eyebrows as well...blondes don't normally have black brows. An explosion would look great in the background, and i think you nailed his expression 😃

  • What if you really messed with him by making her face more like his (or just straight up copying his face onto hers). The idea being he "worships" himself.

    I don't know if you/he think that would be funny or not lol. But I see what you mean: right now she looks a bit "manish."

  • SVS OG

    @mattramsey Now that's funny lol

  • awesome! The lightning, and the girls face need some work, she is a bit to 'man-like' (face) Your friend gets a really nice present!

  • He will love this present. 🙂
    I would suggest to work on his right hand. The fingers do not fit to the arm, they are too thin I guess and if you look to the reference, they should in a steeper angle.
    For the girls face I agree to lighten up the eyebrows. She would look cuter and less male if you decrease the distance between eyes and mouth.
    Nice job! I hope you keep us updated with this. 🙂

  • SVS OG

    Great idea for a present! IMO I think the girl's eyes need to be changed....when I hold my thumb over her eyes so I can't see them, and tell myself what do I see? - I see a beautiful woman, because her nose and lips look great (beautifully rendered) and her blonde hair cascading round. But when I do it the other way round, holding my thumb over the nose and lips to just see the eyes, she looks unwell. I think one of the problems is she looks like she is rolling her eyes up into her skull a bit, and her eyebrows are uneven and a little thick. Possibly the eye on the right-hand side (her left eye) is too high, I'd fiddle with it to see if moving down a touch helps. I think if you can fix the eyes it will make all the difference because the rest is great 🙂

    One other thing...the arms on the man look great, really muscly, but because you have made them bigger I think the chest looks small in comparison. Maybe this is from my own (female) perspective but he would look sexier to me with a bigger chest to enhance the 'triangle' shape of the perfect man, not a weedy man with massive arms 🙂

  • @mattramsey That would be TOO funny I guess 😃
    @Jana Did not notice this, thanks!
    @Dulcie It took me an hour to get the eyes right but it really did help 🙂 I doesnt have to be THAT sexy, so I let his chest as is 🙂

    Thanks all for help! Here is the adjusted painting. Cant wait to see the final poster 🙂 I did this in humonguous resolution 4960x7016x300 dpi so hopefully it will look good.

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