Godzilla WIP critiques please!

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    Hi guys!!

    I decided to give this month's challenge a try.

    I drew a few different thumbnails and liked this one best.

    Basically, Godzilla's next challenger is...love! πŸ˜‚ When a girl Godzilla comes along...

    Can you guys give me any feedback? In terms of the POV, perspective, etc. Any ways to make the image more powerful?

    On a side note, I'll be drawing people in the buildings to add a sense of scale and some comedy to the piece but I'm trying to nail the overall composition first.

    Thanks for any suggestions or advice!!!!

    WIP Godzilla.jpg

  • @ShannonBiondi so sweet idea. I like it a lot.
    I guess that these are buildings . So my suggestion is to draw the streets and cars in feeth of your Godzilla. This way will be more dramatic and will add a feeling how big the Godzillas are.

  • Oh em gee Shannon, I love this concept so much!!! Lol~~ I thumbnailed some concepts just to explore some ideas and I'll share them here with you!


    Top left is basically your sketch except I also included the street as Dima suggested so that you can better see the scale with cars/people/etc. I also wanted to add more depth by adding a building super close to the viewer on the right side and then some fun shapes like telephone lines on the left and some birds flying through the scene to give that extra lovey mood :). The blob on the bottom left corner is... I don't know, haha. I just wanted to add more depth to that side, too. Maybe it could be a portion of another building, lol.

    Top middle is a view from inside a building with people looking outside a huge office window watching the two godzillas meet each other. But it kind of looks movie-theater-esque, and I don't know if you want that feel.

    Top right is a shot closer to the ground, but I don't like this one because the POV is at a weird height. Not exactly ground level, not aerial, somewhere strangely in between, haha. Since we can't see the full Godzilla on the left, I gave her a skirt to signify that she's a girl, lol. Just... ignore this thumbnail, haha.

    Bottom left is a night scene at ground level so we can really see the scale of the two godzillas with the buildings around them and the moon above. I drew "through" the frame so I can make sure I get proportions looking right, but I kind of like the way it looks with the legs coming out of the frame, but that's a judgment you can make once you get your composition down.

    Thank you so much for sharing your process with us and letting us critique your work! I had so much fun making these thumbnails, haha! And composition is something I'm trying to improve on as well, so I really appreciate the opportunity to practice! Can't wait to see how your final art piece turns out! ❀ ❀ ❀

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    Super cute idea! And definitely a true challenger. My only suggestion is to think about the angles of their bodies. As drawn, they seem to be a straight side-view, but the buildings are more of a three-quarter view. Does that make any sense? I’m certainly no expert, so take that for whatever it’s worth.
    Looking forward to seeing how you develop this one!

  • @ShannonBiondi what a challenger!

    When I read it before I saw the image, I was thinking of having Godzilla like crouched over peeking around a building getting a glimpse of Ms. Zilla walking away or something.

    Your Zilla's are really cute. Will love to see the progress.

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    This is just so cute! I love your concept.

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    @Dima-Eichhorn Thanks Dima! Yeah that's a great suggestion. I will definitely include the streets to give a better sense of scale and atmosphere to the piece. Glad you like the idea! We'll see what I can do with it!! πŸ˜ƒ

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    @aprilshin Aaaaaah! April you are so nice!! Your thumbnails are amazing and have really opened my eyes to how much more I should have thought about composition with this! I don't do any finished pieces these days because I'm focusing on learning drawing fundamentals so it's not something I ever really practice. I really need to step up my composition game and think more before I commit to an image! πŸ˜ƒ

    You've helped me so much! Thank you again! I'll post my progress here. I'm loving your first thumbnail and think I'll go down that route, like Dima suggested too. Thanks for the depth tips too. They make it sooooooo much better!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ❀❀❀

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    @Kat Thanks Kat!! Yeah I need to redraw it completely! This was just a rough template sketch. You're dead right about the body positions. I'll have to make sure they read better for the finished piece.

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    @theprairiefox Thank you! I'm glad you like the idea πŸ™‚ I'm going to take everyone's tips on board and post my progress on this thread! Stay tuned!!

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    @nyrrylcadiz Thank yoooooou!!!!! 😍😍

  • @ShannonBiondi Hi Shannon,

    You are most welcome! I'm in the same boat as you. I recently attempted to make a finished piece and was just so discouraged because I have no idea what I'm doing! Lol. We're all here to learn together and support each other so I'm glad I could help at least a little bit. Also, I never even knew what composition was until I took the class here at SVS! Learned SO MUCH. Keep it up, sistah~! πŸ˜ƒ

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    @aprilshin Thanks for your encouraging words πŸ™‚ It's motivating to hear you say all those things. Onwards and upwards!! Woop woop!

  • Love this, Shannon!!

  • @ShannonBiondi Aww such an adorable idea 😍

  • so cute !

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    @Eli Thanks!!!

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    @rachy Thank you! πŸ˜ƒ Now to find the time to progress it!!

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    @Coley Thanks Coley! πŸ™‚

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    I love this!

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