Quick feedback on the construction,

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    I'm only a beginner, but I see so much life in your constructions. The lines are really dynamic and it conveys a lot of movement. Love it!

  • Ugh, I really need to leave ya all with more information next time! 😂
    Yes, @Maxi-Silva, the guy is floating 😄
    Gonna indicate that by showing a proper cast shadow underneath his feet.

    Oh, and thanks, @ShannonBiondi! I am really glad someone likes it at this stage 😊

  • @IgorWoznicki I agree with everyone else who's said that your construction looks lively and well-structured. It makes me want to see what it would look like after the details have been added.

    I also like @aprilshin's suggestion for the placement of the hand - I feel like that change would further enhance your pose. 🙂

  • This is really solid (no pun intended hehe). Perhaps the only thing I could see is the bended right thigh seems to have the same length as the straight left thigh behind it. It's really not a big deal though. There's plenty of gesture and 3D-ness so I think it's going to look great!

  • Again, thank you all so much for positive reactions and some feedback!
    I pushed the artwork further today and I intent on finishing it tomorrow, thought I will giva ya all on update! 😄

    alt text

    You guys have done enough already but I dare to ask ya' all for some more feedback on this guy ( I quite like him, although I didn't at first! ).
    As for what I've changed, made some slight adjustments to the leg that appeared too thick and moved his arm a bit closer to the face to further exaggerate the wiping his mouth thing. I still don't want to cover his face and expression, so I don't know If I want to push that even further.

    I am unsure about the hair I wanna go for. I think I like the flame hair the most but the bald one looks more like nosferatu hence more like a vampire...Ahh, I dunno, you can tell me your favourite!

    Besides that, I am not sure about the perspective and construction of the bottle. I am also thinking about replacing the hip-flask with a bottle similar to the one he carries on the back. Also, I've lost the dimensionality of his right arm, I believe. 🤔

    The clothing may change a bit as I go so if ya got some ideas, suggestions or pointers to make in that case, feel free to do so!

  • I love the character and the pose. The line work is looking really nice as well.

    I think it was mentioned already, and you mention it in your last post, but I do think having the arm a bit higher would help. It is a bit difficult to read here that he is swiping his mouth. Maybe you could also have a bit of blood dribbling onto his coat?

    As far as hair, I like the first as I think it helps with balance composition.

    I hope this helps!

  • @IgorWoznicki Omg I'm in love with the tattered clothing texture and the huge bottle on his back! For the right arm, I think if you reverse the direction the folds are going and bring his elbow out a little more, it may help bringing it forward.


    Honestly I don't even know if that's any better, haha. For the hair, I do like the fire hair, but maybe it could be blowing in the wind like the hair on the left? Basically a combination of the two.

    I love this character, by the way! And I hope you create a comic/cartoon/anything with him because I'd love to know his story.

  • @IgorWoznicki I would change the belts which holds the bottle, over breast like x would be ok for the bottle now, or if you like to have only belt in waist, ... forget it, I didn‘t see the breast belt...

  • Final update!
    Though I will share the final result with ya guys :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_smiling_eyes:
    alt text

    Thanks for all the help ( I didn't change all that much but it's still better than nothing! ) and encouragement! I am not the biggest fan of this one, it's definitely not at the top of my game and I felt like discarding it but all the nice comments made it much easier to push through it. 😄

    Ultimately, I kinda like the bottle which is funny because this sketch got createad after "I feel like drawing a bottle" thought popped into my head 😂

    Feel free to leave some extra feedback If you see something worth improving. I'd love to hear some more thoughts!

    Oh! And @aprilshin, there is no comic/animation coming (unfortunately) but I can give ya my idea for the character! He's basically a vampire who used to be royalty (hence more elegant clothes) but he has escaped his birthplace after he was bit and now he just kinda strolls around the world, carrying a big blood supply in case he runs our of it during his journey. Nothing impressive, really!

  • This looks really good, @IgorWoznicki! The character himself, the bottle, the rendering, the composition - everything works, in my opinion. Nicely done. 🙂

  • @IgorWoznicki This is so awesome! Love all the details and I especially love the character's backstory! Thanks so much for sharing this with us! 😃

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