second childerens book illustrations

  • arthur_5_6.jpg
    wip page 5 and 6, pro feedback always welcome, its for publish! 😉

  • arthur_7_8.jpg
    wip page 7 and 8, pro feedback always welcome, its for publish! 😉

  • arthur_9_10.jpg
    wip page 9 and 10, pro feedback always welcome, its for publish! 😉

  • arthur_11_12.jpg
    wip page 11 and 12, pro feedback always welcome, its for publish! 😉

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  • @smoke said:

    @Jana sorry, where are my manners! 🤔 Thanks for the positive feedback, new here so, hello! 😊 I just checked her work on FB and indeed, I must say that she indeed is a great illustrator as an artist! So thank you! 😉

  • Welcome, Smoke, in this great forum. 🙂
    I cannot wait to see more from you. I am drawing just for fun. I earn my money as a biologist. But if I see posts like yours, I start dreaming of an alternative life... 😉 I hope you keep us updated about this project.

  • @smoke Hallo Buurman! welkom! XD Love your illustrations, there really nicely rendered and your use of color is really nice! Can you tell us more about the story? I am working on a book about hedgehogs as well, they are so adorable! There first thing that I notice is the nose of the hedgehog. At first he's very wide, and as the story continues, it gets thinner. on the last one the three has somehow to much detail, although its very nice at itself, objects that move farther away, lose detail and color, may be tone it down a bit? Anyway nice to meet you here, its real fun and there's so much to learn!
    Next time when you're here on the forum bring me a nice Belgium beer and some chocolate will you? XD LOL

  • arthur_13_14.jpg
    wip page 13 and 14, pro feedback always welcome, its for publish! 😉

  • @Leontine Hallo terug!! 😃 ty for the feedback, still working on it, i want it to be perfect so i take my time on the illustrations and i'll take your feedback in consideration. 😃 on page 3 &4 i changed the buildings allready because the structure dind fit the buildings on page 1&2. 🙂 but its far from ready! 😞 and sorry, i have beer and chocolate but i dont know how to email it?! :p good luck on your book about hedgehogs and i'll share the story when the book is published , but ill post the rest of the pages and you will figured it out 😉

  • @Jana ty for the warm welcom 😃 and dreams can come true if you put your time and heart in it 🙂 this is a sideproject, am mostly making concept peaces for someone that's making sculptures and structures for themepark's and festivals, and i am still learning to understand everything about color, values and so on!! but i love it! so there will be potential growth! 🙂

  • arthur_15_16.jpg
    wip page 15 and 16, pro feedback always welcome, its for publish! 😉

  • arthur_17_18.jpg
    wip page 17 and 18, pro feedback always welcome, its for publish! 😉

  • arthur_19_20.jpg
    wip page 19 and 20, pro feedback always welcome, its for publish! 😉

  • arthur_21.jpg
    wip page 21, pro feedback always welcome, its for publish! 😉

  • arthur_22.jpg
    wip page 22, pro feedback always welcome, its for publish! 😉

  • arthur_23_24.jpg
    wip page 23 and 24, pro feedback always welcome, its for publish! 😉
    thats all folks, yust rendering everything, because i want it to be perfect!! 😃

  • Yep, its gonna be awesome! love the look and feel!

  • @Leontine ty, but stil lots off work on it, hope to finished this year! :

  • SVS OG

    Hello and welcome Smoke! These are great...huge amount of work you have put in....very nice! You are looking for feedback i'm sure so here is what i see - it could just be that all of the paintings are in an early stage so please disregard if this is the case but what jumps out at me is that texture and edge quality is almost uniform across all surfaces and all images - when you do harden the edge of an object it becomes the focal point...for instance in 23/24 the tree on the right has hard edges and a texture that is different from most of the rest of the book - the tree is the main character in this image(to me) in image 22 the lady bug is hard edged and red and becomes the focal point - the trees on the left in 5/6 are awesome but they keep pulling my eye to them because the right hand side of the composition has softer edges - even the leaves that are closest to the camera - ...i am not against hard edges - i believe you should use them where you want our eyes to spent the most time especially if it is contrasted with soft edges - so putting hard and soft edges into each composition and varying the texture greatly is what I think will push these forward -( i think fur and feathers can look soft but still have crisp edges)...look forward to reading your book when you are done!

    One thing i forgot - is to possibly reverse your composition of 23/24 so that it reads from left to right - worth checking out i think

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