All Nov. 3rd Thursday entries

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    Here is all the entries for last nights contest.:
    AmandaWall.jpg AngelaCHawkins.jpeg AustinShurtliff.jpg beckyhirsch.jpg CherylEklund.jpg DamienRambacher.jpg danetteByatt_Poe.jpg EmikoVenlet.jpg FayBycroft_Nightseye.jpg GiorgiSulakauri.jpg HolleyWilliamson.jpg KaseySnow2.jpg LynnLarson.jpg MarshaOwen.jpg MaureenBlaneyFlietner.jpg NancyGormezanoNov2015.jpg NancyGormezanoNov2015.jpg NarothKean.jpg November poe_Kris Knight.jpg Poe Cover Welty.jpg poe2.jpgJohnWanczyk.jpg joyheyer.jpg Liesbeth Swenne.jpg GiorgiSulakauri.jpg UliaHamouda.jpg MarshaOwen.jpg EmikoVenlet.jpg Marko_Mancic.jpgdulcie-mascord.jpg SuzyHeitz.jpg Jiri_Kus.jpg MattRamsey.jpg

  • @Lee-White thank you, I have asked for this several times!!

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    I like this idea. We will add this thread from now on.

  • You know what strikes me most about seeing some of these for the first time?

    The fact that we are seeing these for the first time.

    In other words, SVS has this GREAT forum where people can (and should!) submit their pieces to get feedback, encouragement, direction, etc. I don't know why they wouldn't take advantage of that.

    Maybe they are shy? I can appreciate that. But how do you get better if you don't put yourself and your work out there for help?

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    @mattramsey It took me a while to work up to posting here, after finishing my Ostrich piece. Posting in a new forum is like jumping into a swimming pool; might be cold and scary at first, you're not sure if you want to do it...but once you're swimming around you warm up...if that makes sense.

    And sharing your art is quite takes a while to get over that. Some people may not realise the benefit of sharing work online with others…or they might just have lots of kids and no time for it! 🙂

  • happy to see this because I missed this part due to technically issue I had last night. Great work everyone!

  • @Dulcie Perhaps. But it seems like there may be something else going on. How is it that they'd feel comfortable potentially getting critiqued in front of everyone (and all of the internet via YouTube) by submitting in the first place?

    I presume that for the most part it's less "shyness" and more that they don't realize the value of showing it to the community first.

    But I'm sure that some of them are just shy/nervous.

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    @Lee-White Thank you Lee! So many great entries, i'm glad we make it hard for you guys to pick winners 🙂

  • @mattramsey I didn't have time to post my own submission here to solicit feedback (or be active in general on the forum!) because I was in the midst of an intensive 6-week course. Normally I would've though, so that's why you guys didn't see mine before the actual critique.

    And another one that was submit was by someone - who isn't actually signed up to SVS (forum or otherwise) - who decided last minute to enter once I shared my entry with her. I convinced her to join the forum so I think she will and try out for the December contest again too. 🙂

    I can't speak for the others (maybe they are shy?) but thought I'd mention the methods and madness behind at least two of the ones you hadn't seen before.

  • Thanks for posting these Lee, they look great all together! Always fun to see how differently everyone responds to the same prompt.

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