Does anyone know what Will Terry uses to record his screen?

  • I use Camtasia which is what I believe Will uses... or at least he did use it.
    Hope this helps.

  • I have a lot of experience using Camtasia and I'm pretty sure that is the program that Will is using. Camtasia is easy to figure out and it works well. There are some other screen capture programs out there and the prices for them varies. I used Camtasia at work to create training videos.

  • @Kris-Knight @rob-smith Sounds good--looks like Camtasia has a free trial option. I'll have to check it out. $300 seems high but if it works well (no lag) it's worth it.

  • I had the same problems you described, and after test over 10 different options, I found a good match for my laptop (running Windows 8). It's called Snagit: It's built by the same company that produces Camtasia. Awesome quality and it doesn't interfere with our photoshop painting. If it works for you, it will only costs $49 (Camtasia is $299) once the trial expires. I'm very pleased with it. I recommend recording/saving in 10 - 15 minute increments though, just to make sure your recordings are safe.

  • Check out Active presenter - the FREE Screen capture version - by Atomi systems - windows only I believe. I have used it, is relatively straight forward (takes a bit poking around to figure out) and also has a video editor. BUT I have used it only for short screen captures and have done nothing complicated with it.

  • @mattramsey
    shop around on amazon. I got my camtasia from someone who won it but didn't want it.... I think I paid a bit under 100 dollars

  • SVS Team

    @mattramsey If you have an Nvidia graphics card on your PC you can use Geforce experience for free.

  • I stream on Twitch and Picarto using OBS, and that saves out a video file of my screen capture once I'm done. I usually just use that!

    Echoing what other people have said about Camtasia and SnagIt if you don't want to go that route.

  • @Aaron I do have that actually. I never thought of trying it. I see it "advertised" when I'm updating my driver but I always equated it with recording Call of Duty sessions and whatnot.

  • SVS Team

    It runs lightweight because it is for recording your gameplay and records in good quality. There are no other effects or tools like mouse clicks and highlighting though. Look up how to use geforce shadow play on youtube for exact instructions.

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