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  • Hey, everyone! I was recently asked by small publisher if I could help out some illustrations on a small book project. Unfortunately I am just busy with other projects and can't help her. I asked if it was OK for me to share the job around online to some communities that might be interested and she said sure! So, I hope it's OK to share this here for those that might be interested.

    It is a paid job to complete around 20 illustrations total for three small books. The budget is $1,500 total for everything. No idea how detailed she wants them to be or how simple. Here's a bit that she shared with me:

    "The reason for my email today is that I am producing a kids series called the Be Good series/ Be Good/Be Kind/Be Nice for a local Chaplain. He sees so many hardships, death, and dire situations, that he would really like to share with our youth culture to start off being Good! Growing up, our parents would say before we would head out the door, "Okay, have fun. Be good!" In other words, be accountable, be responsible.

    "With this brief synopsis, I was wondering if you could refer me to an illustrator to create the characters for these 3 small books. What I like are the bright colors from your kids book The Dragon Book. The age group for this one is probably k-2nd grade and truly not sure yet if I want to show the imagery with animals or people. "

    If any of you want to reach out to her, her name is Kim Benton and email is:

    The book of mine she's referring to is a children's book I made with my daughter called The Dragon Book. She told me in a couple emails she really liked the colors in particular. Here's a website I put together for that if you want it for reference:

  • @Michael-Regina thanks for posting this. It sounds like an inspiring project.

  • Thanks for sharing 🙂

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