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    Hi Guys,

    I have a request for a podcast theme that I was hoping you would consider. I am posting it here so that others can chime in on the idea.

    In your last podcast "Building A Strong Portfolio", you touched on the topic of style and what art directors are looking for in different areas. The comments 'too commercial', 'not slick enough for animation' defintley raised some awareness as well as concerns. So my request to you guys is to create a podcast dedicated solely to talking about the different fields/types of illustration, and the style expectations in each. Here are a few specific questions that I would love to have answered:

    1. What are the key differences in illustrating for the following fields: Picture Book, Graphic Novel, Animation/Gaming, Editorial?

    2. Are there any key similarities or crossovers between any of the fields? For example, it seems that illustration for graphic novels and 2d animation may have some style crossovers that would make it easier for an illustrator to do both.

    3. Are there any unspoken rules or industry expectations regarding style or content in any of the above fields that we should know about? Such as overly commercial or slick style not being preferable for picture books.

    That's it! Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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