Thanks for the Newbies to SVSLearn Q&A

  • Hello everyone! I'm Bruce from the UK,

    I recently signed up for SVSLearn after often listening to the great podcasts. Excited to be here!

    I was not expecting a live Q&A which was a great surprise when I got the invite email. Thanks very much to @Jake-Parker and @Lee-White for taking the time to do this today and the tips about tackling the classes etc.

    Jake was not the only one drawing - I started my SVSLearn sketchbook whilst listening...

    alt text

    Please check out my work at Now I hope to get involved as much as possible and illustrate a few books I've written. See you in the forums 👍

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    I, too, want to say thanks to @Jake-Parker and @Lee-White for doing the session. I've been a member of the forums since about the turn of the year, but I hadn't subscribed until very recently.

    And this kind of special, newbies-only invite and one-on-one time was invaluable and unlike anything that I've seen offered by other tutorial class sites. What a way to make a person feel included as more than just a simple consumer. It's not always possible for subscribers to buy into those interactive version of the classes, and this was a HUGE step in making all the newbies feel like they were included and special and actually found a home.

    Please please please keep doing this every once in a while for the newbies that come after us. I feel like I'm part of a "class" now--the Class of May 2019, maybe with a mermaid class mascot or something... LOL! I'm very excited to meet my new classmate peers now, and I hope they post soon!!! 🙂

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    Welcome! You have a fun style🙂
    What is this Q&A you are referring to?

  • SVS Team SVS Instructor Pro SVS OG

    Hey there! Thanks for joining us today.

    We did a live Q&A for new subscribers. We will be doing a lot more of these events for all subscribers soon!

  • @Lee-White This sounds great. I don't know how "new" one needs to be for invite-if there's a signup, let us know. (Even if you have to work the backlog in over time..)

    This is one more of the super-great things you 3 guys do to foster the wonderful community that is here.

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