Commissions make me nervous. Any helpful tips on the painting are appreciated!

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    I added more paint. Now I’m seriously done with their commissions. Yuck! But if I want them to sell my cards in their store, I should probably paint a few things that force me out of my comfort zone. And they know licensing people and stuff.


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    @Whitney-Simms I think this watercolor looks gorgeous. Maybe to help differentiate from the mid-values, you could deepen some of the shadows with a thin wash of purple, esp. under the awning? I did a rough drawover showing what I mean, plus added a piece by Iraville for inspiration.

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    @Johanna-Kim youre the best! Thanks for the tips. I did go and deepen the greens and grays already. I went to scan and said , ugh. One more try. But the shadow from the awning is fantastic! I’ll totally add that in. It adds tons to the painting

    I totally love that artist you posted. I follow her and love her work already.

    Thanks for the tips and feedback!

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    C57D1C39-E3AF-4C9B-A8A4-09193035E1A9.jpeg E28D9072-0E06-4E60-91D5-ABD9A07FA69B.png 372C5EFF-3753-4E36-B12F-2CCDCF2D66BD.jpeg C046C766-0F55-47DB-8633-C42E54B9AC1A.jpeg FBE3EB32-6F0C-4C65-AB69-249F909FA8A3.jpeg 2B40CCFB-D058-47F2-87C9-5E5DB17E6E87.jpeg

    Here are the final images! And shots from the mother’s day event. It was tons of fun. I’ve alreayd gotten a bunch of new followers. A commission I politely said no to, approached by another store to possibly carry my cards and took my card to pass it along to an entirely different store, interviewed and post on a town blog. So much fun! Next I need to come ready with a few big ticket items as well. But for a week prep, I think I did pretty good!

  • Wow. This is impressive. Way to go!

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