Our SVS Virtual Studio MAY 2019

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    I set a personal goal for myself to post whatever piece I was developing on the 2nd of each month. But I was in dress rehearsals for a play I designed the costumes for, so I was sewing and dyeing and shopping instead of drawing. <sigh> But the show's finally open, and it's only the 5th, so I only missed my goal by a couple days.

    So this started as a butterfly, and then it sorta... morphed. I tried some new Gouache 2019 brushes by Tip Top for Procreate on the iPad. And I think they kinda give the piece a bit of an old fashioned look, what with all the strokes and streaky paint and all. Then I remembered another app I'm fond of called iColorama, and I threw it in there to give it a reflective light effect as if it's a photograph of a painting or something.

    I love playing around!


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    Been working on figure drawing still and signed up for a local children’s book writing class where a Scholastic editor will be present 😬. All this talk of Mermay also got into my head so did a silly drawing


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    I should have been working on my Creative Environmental Design homework tonight but instead I did this sketch for a librarian friend of mine. EEA77488-6E16-405D-8D2D-5BB3B702E64F.jpeg

  • @Heather-Boyd J.P.Miller was an illustrator for Golden Books. I’m assuming he worked primarily in gouache of varying transparencies.

  • Here’s a thumbnail for a piece I’m considering completing inspired by my master copy. The trees in the background will be blueberries. I’m feeling that the composition is likely too close to the original for comfort in my portfolio, though. Thoughts?


  • @hannahmccaffery Nice work! I like your characters. 🙂

  • @Braden-Hallett ha, nice one! I love all the little details in this.

  • Working on my MerMay submission. The prompt is stretch, the mermaid is doing the mermaid pose which is an actual yoga pose. Thought that was a nice detail. I'm thinking of doing the bottom left version, you can see my sort of value study on the right. I also like sketch 1 in row 2. What do mermaids use as a yoga mat? A manta ray of course.

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    Going to turn this into a seemless repeat. I don’t know if I’ll do an entire collection to enter for mermay. But the scales were in my head and I just needed to get them out. I would like to do it in a few colors too. I would also love to do a pattern with my girls and two of my nieces as mermaids. Kinda like a toile. The ones with scenes. Doubt I’ll have time, but I may try and sneak it in!

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    I'm working on a layout for one of my own picture book, trying to participate in mermay (but I've actually never ever draw a mermaid before, so it's freaking me out!), and working on sketches for a book with cute short rhymes for children - I'm very excited about this one, it looks I might get a few nice portfolio pieces out of this. 🙂
    layout.jpg IMG_0109_2.jpg IMG_0012_2.jpg

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    @mag these little characters are so adorable. ❤

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    @mag yep, I agree with @burvantill ! I love these little characters too. Can’t wait to see more of them. You have tapped into some serious cuteness!

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    Another painting I did over a sketch MonsterMD.jpg

  • Combining watercolour and pencil crayons. I really like, I think it’s dreamy. Need to work on the colour a bit more but it is in a dark patch.

    67CBCF0E-9AE1-4D59-ACC2-E4F34A78CEF1.jpeg 936F07FC-CE83-4631-8CB7-189CF1FBCEC0.jpeg

  • @mag these are very sweet. I love your take on a mermaid. Submit to the contest. You have a good idea going. 🙂

  • @Heather-Boyd nice experiments!! Are you also a Skillshare member by chance? If so there is a class that I would recommend. 🤓

  • @Amber-Lynn-Benton

    Not as of yet but do suggest it none the less.

  • @Heather-Boyd I'm a Skillshare addict!! 😛 I think you would enjoy the classes by Nina Rycroft. In particular she has a class called Illustration Masterclass in which you use one small vignette and di several versions each with a different media or stylization. It's a great class!!

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    I’m working on some homework for Visual Storytelling Techniques. This is assignment 5, creative cropping. Illustrating a scene from the little red riding hood story. I found a version called Little Red Cap - Brothers Grimm, that has an alternate ending where a second wolf gets on the roof hoping to surprise attack Red on her way out, but Gma and Red fool the wolf into jumping into the large water trough thereby drowning. That’s what I’m illustrating here. These are my thumbnails and values.

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    @JennyJones Thank you! 🙂 I'm playing around with this character a little bit, try to find some story for her... But I definitely hope to post some picture with her for the contest. 😄 But since I've never drawn mermaids in my life, I'm super nervous, the more I sketch and draw this one, I see how complex creatures mermaids can be. 🤓

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