Our SVS Virtual Studio MAY 2019

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    @burvantill thanks 😁

  • How have I only just come across these Studio threads, this is a great idea! I love seeing what people are working on.
    I'm currently working on a portfolio piece from a story idea that I've got called 'Puffin Island', still working on the details of the story but it's basically set on an small island off the coast of Scotland in which Sophie McTavish, her Uncle Ned (or her Dad, not decided yet) and the dog, Rupert, live in and man the lighthouse for the island. I've got story ideas which include merpeople, a seaweed monster, a giant octopus etc but I'm just trying to finally write it all down as a whole story rather than bits and bobs, and maybe they'll turn into a few different stories 🙂
    There's actually an island off Anglesey, North Wales (where I live in the UK) called Puffin Island, but sadly there aren't any actual Puffins on it but I've always loved the idea, so each illustration I do for the story will have several Puffins included somehow 🙂

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    Here is a lil cutie I finished up last night. Mothers Day is around the corner so ya know go say Hi to Mom.


  • @hannahmccaffery Love your characters their adorable 🙂

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    Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 11.00.26 AM.png Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 11.00.25 AM.png
    Postcard number two finished. 😃

  • Working on a wedding pic.IMG_20190429_132923_209.jpg

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    @Chip-Valecek The mole is adorable

  • houndjpg.jpg
    The Hound

  • I'm working on a painting inspired by the Wisteria vines I saw so many of in Germany recently. They;ve become one of my favourite flowers! The man's gonna stay faceless, like a faded memory. I've been reading Murakami. 🙂


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    Painted over this sketch. reignbow_brute.jpg reignbow sketch.jpg

  • Redid one of my old prompts for a maybe postcard.

    Onward, noble steed.

    alt text

  • @Heather-Boyd Thank you 😃

  • @Braden-Hallett This is brilliant, that dogs face really made me chuckle!

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    @evilrobot that paint over is epic

  • I just completed my very first master copy. Original by J.P. Miller.

    My copy done in watercolor, gouache and colored pencil. No digital edits other than getting scanned colors to accurately depict the original and healing a couple of colored pencil crumbs. My colors are slightly off IRL. My printer slightly cropped the original which is why my clouds are cut off.

    I had quite a bit of trouble placing the eye - I should have done a quick value even on the ipad before painting and I would have seen the issue beforehand. I also had no drybrush experience - I like it!

    Thinks I learned - I rely more on line work in my work than shape - something to pay attention to. Also, stop when you get tired. It's obvious in the detail work that I was running out of steam. If I was fresh I would have tested my mark making and perhaps have been more accurate.

    Things like markmaking and whiskers that are spontaneous linework are very difficult to copy!

    I think the next thing I want to do is go into my sketches and pick out one of my original rabbits and place it in a scene reminiscent of this one and complete it in a similar style.


  • @Amber-Lynn-Benton

    Sorry which one is yours?
    I like both I think you did a nice job. How do you find drawing pencil crayon over top of gouache and watercolour?

  • @Heather-Boyd Sorry - I thought it was obvious! 😆 Original on right. I love colored pencils over watercolor and vice versa!

  • @Amber-Lynn-Benton

    I never thought of vise versa 🙂 Is hers entirely digital -like digital watercolour/ digital pencil crayon brushes?

  • alt text

    Some tings from today … started the How To Ink 2.0 course, and it gave me the confidence to finally start using my Pentel Pocket Brush Pen on me lilSOPHiE's.

    I'm so scared of that pen, yet at the same time, I love it. It does, like Jake Parker said, feel like a butterfly licking lol It's so soft and delicate, yet so hard to do light lines. It still scares me, but I've promised myself from now on, I'll only be using that for a while to ink.

    Also did a draw over of one of Jakes drawings … that was fun, and some line practice exercises but midway through my drawing practice, a cat jump in the window and sat on me paper, cheeky bugger lol

    Does anyone else find tedious drawing exercises fun? I sort of love the tediousness?

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    I set a personal goal for myself to post whatever piece I was developing on the 2nd of each month. But I was in dress rehearsals for a play I designed the costumes for, so I was sewing and dyeing and shopping instead of drawing. <sigh> But the show's finally open, and it's only the 5th, so I only missed my goal by a couple days.

    So this started as a butterfly, and then it sorta... morphed. I tried some new Gouache 2019 brushes by Tip Top for Procreate on the iPad. And I think they kinda give the piece a bit of an old fashioned look, what with all the strokes and streaky paint and all. Then I remembered another app I'm fond of called iColorama, and I threw it in there to give it a reflective light effect as if it's a photograph of a painting or something.

    I love playing around!


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