My Draw Fifty Things Piece

  • This looks beautiful. I love your rendering so far. Something looked off before and I couldn't figure it out until I saw the color. The rug should follow your convergence lines on your perspective. As it heads toward the vanishing point it should narrow but yours stays square. If you can fix that I think it will make everything look great. Good job. I look forward to seeing the final product.

  • I am liking all of the fun stuff in the picture. Good job.

    One thing that took me a second or third read to figure out was the sucker in her mouth. At first I couldn't figure out why you put a cigarette in her mouth. You might want to lengthen the stick and make it thinner so it doesn't come across incorrectly to the viewer.

    I love the varying areas of light and dark in the piece though.

  • @theprairiefox haha, oh man, I was worried about just that! I was hoping the lollipops being rendered a little more on the blanket would connect the dots about it being a sucker and not a cigarette, but making the stick thinner is a good idea!

    @MichaelaH Good point, there probably is too much blue sky with more tree needed.

    @chrisaakins Ah!! Yes, I couldn't figure out what was off either, you're so right about the rug. I'll definitely fix that in the next retouch, thank you!

    I really appreciate the feedback, everyone! I'll go implement those things right away!

  • I fixed the things suggested above! Better? I think putting the grass in that window really helped ground the perspective a bit more along with the rug. And hopefully the sucker stick no longer looks like a cigarette, haha.


    Gonna start refining it if there are no other obvious issues that stand out. 🙂

  • @Kasey-Snow I like all the changes, the green in the window, wow, really changed the picture. What I see now, the girl looks older now, I would make her face rounder on the left side and maybe change the eyes, that she looks younger. The green in the right top corner, I would make some real leaves to see. You did great.

  • @MichaelaH Thanks for the suggestions! I tried to make her look younger, is this better? And yeah, I'll be adding in the details like making the leave look more realistic and such once I have all of the more integral kinks worked out of the image. 🙂


  • @Kasey-Snow one more might want to overlap the bird feeder over the edge of the treehouse. It is reading as outside the treehouse. I thought it was a playset or something in the distance at first.

  • This gives me the coziest feeling, straight out of childhood. So incredible when art can do that. I think this piece is really wonderful. It's a minor detail, but it doesn't look like the whole sphere of the globe would fit on the shelf without protruding into the wall. I really love where this is going. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • I really like how you’re developing this piece. Only two things stick out to me. First, how critical is that sucker? I can’t help but read it as a cigarette and I’m not totally getting the read on the lump it makes in her cheek. That’s a tricky one. The other is her forearm. The crease where her elbow bends goes all the way around her arm and makes it feel a bit cut off from the rest of the figure. Overall I really like how this image works. You’re really getting the light and feel of a summer day. Can’t wait to see the finished piece.

  • @chrisaakins Ahh, see, I actually want it to read as outside the tree house--birds are messy! There'd be poop and birdseed everywhere if it were inside, haha. Maybe I'll make it longer so it falls behind the wall and looks more intentional? Or change the design so it definitely does not look like a structure in the distance though.

    @KathrynAdebayo Glad it makes you feel cozy! And you're so right about that globe, wow. Definitely gonna lengthen that shelf so it fits (and maybe make it smaller).

    @sketchbook Yeah, I guess the sucker isn't mission critical. I just loved to suck on candy as a kid while reading or hanging out in a secret place, so I guess I was trying to bring that bit of childhood in. Maybe I'll try to change it into one of those loop-handle suckers? A last ditch attempt? Otherwise maybe I could do bubblegum or something I guess.

    Thanks so much for the feedback guys! I really, really appreciate it! I'll post an updated screenshot soon!

  • Alright, tinkered with it a bit more taking into consideration the recent suggestions--thoughts?
    I think I might just turn the suckers into hard candy, keep the lump in the mouth to imply she's got one in there, and call it good on the candy thing. Maybe just put an open bag of candy at her feet or something. I like the sucker idea, but dunno that everyone knows what the loop handle suckers are.


  • @Kasey-Snow I like the loop handles! You can't misread the one in her mouth now. Looking good.

  • Looks great!

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