Hard time with a book cover. Help!

  • Hi Brittany, I think it's much better with small flowers but they still "too red" maybe if you desaturate the background so we can see Jack, also his t-shirt is just one blue darker than the sky so he disappers...

    I'm having the same issue with my book cover, my background is green and my girl t-shirt is yellow... 😕

  • @Bobby-Fasel Thank you for that I will certainly check it out! Lessons learned, and luckily on a small scale!

    @Lynn-Larson Yeah it's all working out okay. The original look is so simple that it's an easy visual for young readers to approach. Thanks for all your help!

    @Camila-Picheco I've down graded the size of the red and made some minor adjustments. I'm now toying with the blue shirt as you suggested and it is looking better! Thank you very much!

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