The Moment Before Perspective

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    @burvantill The boxes, right! I forgot to use that as a tool for perspective. I will wor
    k with those and see what I come up with. Thanks for your comments, I hope I can pull it off 😬

  • @ErinCortese I was gonna do a draw over and then realized @burvantill said exactly what I was gonna say 🙂

    Nice concept for the prompt!

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    @Braden-Hallett Thanks, I’m still not entirely sure if it is going to work out! I was confused by the drawing and the different result I am getting in comparison with @burvantill, but now I see the difference is in the horizon line. My horizon line is actually tilted, at a very similar angle to the way @burvantill tilted the page border.

    Something like this...


    Now that I have drawn in the perspective lines and boxes, it looks likes I have the runners in the right positions, but have to work on their angle of their bodies.

  • Hey! Probably a bit too late for this but I did a suppppper rough drawover.

    I think the best way to do this is by making 'perspective cubes' and drawing the runners inside them.

    Each 'cube' is going to face slightly more to the right, so you gotta make sure the people are doing that too.

    Not sure if it helps, but hope it does! You've picked something realllly hard to draw! Good luck!


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    @Sliproot Not too late at all! I’m glad you mentioned the runners tilting more to the right as they go down the line. I thought that would be the case, but didn’t have the right reference to be sure. So basically I should see much more of the right side of runner 1 than runner 4, is that right? It should almost trick the eye, so that runner 1 looks like they are facing the viewer a little more than the others?

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    Ok, I have drawn out all of the perspective lines and cubes, does this look better? I have not adjusted the body configurations to fit the boxes properly just yet, I will do that when I know that I’ve got this right.

    5910F06E-A8D0-47D9-AF44-B7B624FE17E6.jpeg E6A606A1-E987-420C-9BC0-788DF9455481.jpeg

  • @ErinCortese Yep! Spot on!

  • @ErinCortese

    Sorry just one more thing.
    So in order to get your 'cubes' the same size in perspective you can draw a grid like I have below.
    The top image is the front of the squares and how to measure them. So you want to get the centre of the first square, then draw a horizontal centre line through them all. Then you draw a line from the corner of the first square down THROUGH the centre line that intersects with the other side down to the bottom. Where that touches is where your next square will begin.

    Sorry for the terrible explanation. But I hope it helps.


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    @Sliproot Thanks, I think I’m going to have to watch the “How to Draw Everything” video again. I remember this, but it’s a little foggy.

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    @Sliproot It was the “Mastering Perspective” video, not the one I mentioned above. Below is what I ended up with. It looks like the head positions are still ok, but I will need to adjust the bodies, which are a mess anyway. Look better?


  • This is very courageous and I hope things work out, unfortunately I can’t aid you at this point.

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    Wow, this isn't my post but I'm learning so much! I love how people on this forum take time to help others out. Very inspirational!

  • @ErinCortese That looks a lot better! I think your lane lines are just a bit off on the second line from the front and each one behind it. It's not much, but that tiny bit makes the last lane look really crunched.

  • Hi. I just noticed this now so thought I'd mention something I just watched. There was something in the "Mastering Perspective" class that said that if every figure you want to portray is roughly the same size in real life, then they will each hit the horizon line at about the same point in their body, otherwise your figures will look like they are smaller, rather than just receding into space. I notice that your horizon line is drawn skewed up above. I don't know enough about forced perspective to know what happens to the horizon line in this situation, but my gut says the horizon line always stays parallel to the picture plane? (Notice that @sliproot's example shows it this way) Good luck!

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    @suenaumi Hmmm I didn’t think of that. Ugh there is so much to consider. Once I have the characters drawn I will rework the line up. Thanks!

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  • Have you thought about 1 point perspective? Just because some of the photos the vanishing point is so extreme you can get away with 1 point.

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    @Aleksey That was my original idea, and I wish I would have gone with that. I thought this perspective would create higher tension, but it’s just not working out.

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    Well I think it’s time to call this one, it’s just not working out. Not only am I still struggling with perspective, I’m also struggling with characters. This composition would be all about the characters, and I just don’t have enough experience designing them.

    I’m also uninspired by the idea, which may be the biggest problem of all. For whatever reason, the thought of illustrating characters before a race just doesn’t interest me. I tried to push the idea considering adding jet packs, having the racers be elderly, or animals ....nothing.

    Thank you guys for all your help! It sucks that it didn’t work out, but I think it’s just part of the process.

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