Portfolio for website/conference

  • I'm going to the New England SCBWI conference next month (anyone else? :D) and trying to get my images selected to show in my portfolio. I honestly have only been pushing really hard with art this year and I know I probably have too many styles but I would really like it to look as professional as possible.

    I have postcards printed of the red wolf raincoat, salamander reading and Oklahoma kids so I would like to include those. But I need to do one more of something to show continuity in story and I'm trying to pick that as well as pick what images just don't belong on my illustration page and need to go back to sketchbook page. I was going to do another one with the elephant but some feedback I've gotten are in favor of the flamingo and crocodile so maybe those?

    When I was drawing the flamingo I was thinking "Oh no, another flamingo in your portfolio"- way back in 2007 I went to a SCBWI conference in Oklahoma and the one piece I got the best feedback on was of these 3 flamingos with the one in the middle looking sheepish eating a salad and it was green. I drew it without pencil just inked it quick during a sketchbook meetup where once a week we went to a restaurant to draw for a few hours. It annoyed me so much that the ones I spent much more time on were dismissed and this one they loved! Like when I bake a 5 minute cobbler everyone talks about it forever and I'm like what about that rainbow layer cake that took me forever?

    https://heatherbouteneff.com/art This is the main Illustration page for where I want good stuff

    https://heatherbouteneff.com/sketchbook This is like my slush pile of stuff I still like but is unfinished or only funny to me. I still think a poisonous newt bad boy wearing a leather jacket with BITE ME! on the back is hilarious but I seem to be the minority there

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