How to Be a Better Children's Book Artist

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    Art by Tanner Garlick

    Our latest episode is up and ready for listening, if you would like to listen to it or read the shownotes, click here.
    This episode is one of our grab bag episodes. We have 3 topics that we cover that all pertain to becoming a better children's book artist. We go over the importance of public speaking skills, our thoughts on how to draw women respectfully, and how to add meaning and emotion to your illustration work.

  • Love it you guys!

    Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who just adds eyelashes to characters to make them girls. 😂

  • Great episode 😃 Love the part about adding meaning to illustrations. I think illustrators are generaly more interested in drawing/painting rather then writing so giving a lot of thought behind a story can be unnatural at first. I know for me it is :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_cold_sweat:

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    I love how you guys approached drawing the women/girls. I love our son’s little friend who is totally a Tom boy, but just as cute as she can be with her baggie cut off jeans. They are in kindergarten. And It seems to always be a trend to let your little boys hair grow long. Yeah, sometimes I have no idea if it’s a girl or a boy in the car pool drop off. (FYI- my boys have longish floppy hair. I think it’s freaking adorable). How would I represent that in a drawing. I like what Will said about making them more boxy. Makes total sense. And Lee talking about the figure drawing class. Those are great points. There are small things that are different about the male and female form.

    As far as content and over sexualizing in the art world. What’s the phrase? Life reflects art, art reflects life? It’s everywhere. Avoid what you feel you need to. We avoid a lot in our house!

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    Lee’s figure drawing class sounds amazing. That’s a very good approach to the concept and what Lee described in seeing the differences of male v female was really interesting.

    As an aside, I remember when i had a figure drawing class. I gave my wife fair warning that it was coming and so from her I heard, “ok so just look really quick and then stare at the paper.” Meanwhile, my teacher was in class saying, “Really look at the figure and don’t look at the paper so much. Take in the pose and the form.” I had to laugh at my predicament.

    I need to inject more emotion into my imagery, and make full scenes. I’m starting on this with a couple panels in my four page story. But I always try to improve.

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