Wip moment before feedback on ideas

  • So I've worked on the n°3, the dog waiting, and here are a few new sketches.


    N°1 is the original one
    N°2, I changed the perspective point
    N°3 an n°4, I've tried a paysage format with more of the dog's mess but I feel like the action is lost in too many details.

    So I think n°2 is the best, as the master's shadow and the dog in the light make more sense to the action. Maybe the dog is not sure if it's going to be a walk or a punishment for the mess...

    What do you think?


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    @marine I love #2! Would like to see how the dog from number 1 works with comp #2. I think dog 1 communicates a little more clearly, it almost looks like dog 2 is tangled in his leash.

  • @marine

    I like #3 the best with the dog's gesture and the rose off its base -but I find the rest of the scene busy. I like how the "mess" is in the foreground with the dog and the background lends more to the order of the owner. But I would avoid leaving the furniture to the right and left cut in half -I'd like to see more of the couch. I like #2 because it is an easy read. 🙂

  • Wow! those are all good. I really like #3. It seems to show more personality from the dog and the composition is more dynamic. My second is #2. because its simple and portrays the idea clearly.

  • I love the layout of 2 but I can almost see the wiggle butt in 3 and I love that, even though the place is a mess the dog is just like MY FRIEND IS HOME it's great

  • @marine I'm with @Heather-Bouteneff --I really like the pose of the dog in #3. I:m ok with the mess--but I think that with the door open--the "moment" has occurred. How about combining dog from 3, with the still-closed door in #2? I think this concept is great for this prompt,

  • #2 hands down 🙂

  • Thank you all for your feedbacks!

    I've re-worked the portrait format one, with a un-tangled dog 😉 @ErinCortese

    And did modifications on the paysage format with more of the sofa and less space on the right, with open door and closed door. @Heather-Boyd @Heather-Bouteneff @Susan-Marks

    But I still feel that in the portrait format n°1 here, the idea is more clear, I agree with @Squirrelsize and @Braden-Hallett. I also like that the dog is sitting still like an angel despite its mess.


    I guess now I need to refine my sketch and start rendering because time is flying! 🙂

    Thanks again everyone, really appreciate your time and feedbacks!

  • @marine Like nr. 1 the most

  • @MichaelaH Thanks! Yes me too 🙂
    Your little mouse profil pic is so cute!!

  • @marine Thank You 😊 I have such dog at home and I think the first picture would be how I would draw him also. They are waiting and this waiting before, I think it is in picture 1, the dog is focused on the door, only one thing in head.

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    @marine I love it! The mess, the position of the dog, the shadow of the owner, it all works together so well to create suspense.

  • SVS OG

    I'll go against the grain and confuse the issue but I like #2 and #3 better because it looks more like the dog is "caught in the act" which lends to the tension of the picture. They are also more dynamic since the compositions are basically diagonal in direction whereas #1 is more symmetrical and thus more stable and calm. Since the prompt is the "moment before," the dynamism and tension of the second and third compositions I think fits better because the eye goes from the dog to the door and it looks as if the dog suddenly froze mid-mess.

  • I think it depends what Marine wants us to see, I thought it is about how the dog is looking forward to his Buddy, who is coming home or did she want to see us how the dog is "caught in the act" destroying the house...If it is the firtst, than I am for the picture nr. 1, if it is "caught in the act" than like @demotlj said, 2 and 3 is better.

  • Thanks guys for getting back to me!
    I totally see what you mean @demotlj about the others comps being more dynamic and I've hesitated a long time before choosing n°1. My initial idea was about the dog waiting for its master to come back home for a walk, whereas in the meantime it put the place upside-down...

    I will now try to finish this one but not sure how to yet! 🙂

  • Hello,

    I've been working on my piece, experimenting with Procreate and a more loose style than what I'm used to do. Lots of things that don't satisfied me like I hoped it would look more loose than that but I guess I should go step by step 🙂 And I'm not used to paint so...

    Waiting_5 copy.jpg

    I'm not sure about the light/shadows, anyone would have feedback on it? Or on anything else really!

    Many thanks in advance!

    Just saw that I forgot the leash in the dog's mouth!!!😱 Will add it soon!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @marine As far as the shadows go, i would watch your occlusion shadows. For example the carrot toy and the boot almost seem to float since they are lacking the occlusion shadow. Is the light coming from outside the door or is there a light source above that is on? I ask because the shadows seem to be coming from the light source of the door but the actual lighting looks to be coming from above. I would also remove the shadows from the water on the ground.

    I would not be happy to come home and see my dog trashed the house.

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    I wonder, @marine , what the lighting would look like if it had more contrast? If the shadows were deeper, it might make the light from the door stand out a bit more. Right now, because the walls are generally a solid high key, the light source gets lost as @Chip-Valecek mentions. I wonder if having a strongly pronounced light source might be really important for the story in this image.

    Creating a multiply or color burn layer with a vignette effect around the edges might be a simple step toward helping make the light from the door seem stronger, perhaps, but I wouldn't rely on that alone. Your value studies imply that the wall is as dark as the floor (if not darker), creating a much more rigid pool of light from the door that has an incredible impact on the suspense in the image. I'd lean into that--it feels (to me) that was a good instinct.

    Just my 2¢. It's a great idea!!! Your perspective lines really direct the attention of the viewer toward the door--well done!! All it needs is a bit of tweaking--the foundation is really really strong!!!

  • SVS OG

    I like the dog waiting for his master but I would change the angle a bit so it's not smack in the center and maybe the horizon line should not be straight across.

  • Thank you @Chip-Valecek and @Coreyartus, you're right the light source looks confusing.
    In my thumbnail the light source is coming from the door so I should definitely darken the wall and extend the shadows. I will experiment and try to make the reflection on the floor more obvious too.
    That was the first time really doing value studies and I didn't think much while doing them but it made sense. I think I got lost doing the decor of the interior and choosing colours and furnitures 🙂

    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen thanks, but at that point I won't change the comp 😉

    Thanks again for your feedbacks, helps a lot!

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