The Moment Before My Mom Left WIP

  • @MichaelaH @Chip-Valecek @ErinCortese @Heather-Boyd Hahahaha, Looks like #1 and #2 are both liked a lot, at least we can rule out #3. I'm gonna start working on drafting up a more detailed sketch and then go back to playing with colors. Thanks you all, a really appreciate the input πŸ™‚

    Meanwhile, fellow art peeps, keep voting away!

  • @Squirrelsize So sorry for your loss. I lost my dad to cancer ten years ago. He passed away in bed in my arms. I still miss him. Sniffle.
    I think with her hand on the shoulder it looks more like she is napping. Maybe holding her hands in her lap? I like #8 because the eyes of baby goat looked so full of sorrow. I think enlarging the eyes a bit like in #8 would capture that. I am loving your work.

  • I got some sketching done this weekend, not as much as I would like. (I've been spending all my extra time getting ready to go camping next week). Anyway, I'm not sure if I want to keep the lamp in the corner, I've redrawn it several times but it doesn't seem want to fit into the composition.
    What do you all think I should put in the corner?
    I was thinking about maybe added some books or a bookshelf. Reading was my moms favorite thing to do.

    I put twinkly lights up around the top as a secondary light source.

    I decided to try added a small vintage chair for little Squirrel/Baby Goat (Hahaha) to sit on.

    Untitled_Artwork 32.jpg

  • @Squirrelsize when i was with my Mom at the end there was always a card that someone brought, or flowers in various stages of wilting. When I was drawing in a sketchbook I bought just for that summer I tried to draw every plant, it was a lot and it was hard watching them. Same with glasses of ice water. Just refill it and watch it melt and refill it over and over again because that's the only thing useful feeling I could do

    So yeah I vote flowers or water or a card. You have really captured the right emotions here. I hope you have fun camping!!

  • Thanks @Heather-Bouteneff ! Wow, I didn't even remember all the cards my mom received until you mentioned it. I think a bunch of cards would be great to add in, maybe in the corner taped on the wall. A glass of water would be good too! Very helpful tips πŸ™‚ Hopefully I'll have some time to work on that tonigh

  • I'm parked and settled into my campsite now! Yey! hopefully I can steal a few hours this week at the campground to get this finished up. I really hope I wont have to rush it.

    I've been adding a few background items to see how it looks, I'm planning to tone a lot of the background stuff down in the final. These items, like the pill bottles on the table, the hat on the wall are real things that were in my moms room. my only concern is that they may take away from the main vocal point, but then they might just by happy eye-candy to bound around the scene with. What do you all think?

    Untitled_Artwork 33.jpg

  • @Squirrelsize i think it's perfect. I love the curtain and pants

  • I think the extras add to the story and don't detract from the focal point, especially if you tone those down and have a higher contrast around the focal area. Also, I never responded earlier, but I do like the added hand on your shoulder!

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    It’s really turning out so sweet and beautiful. I like all the extras!

  • @suenaumi Love the impute! And good idea about the higher contrast around the focal area. I'll keep that in mind for sure. Yeah, the hand on the shoulder is growing on me. I think its a keeper πŸ™‚

  • @Whitney-Simms Thanks girl! πŸ™‚

  • Okay! this is what I have for the line work (might still do a few last minute touch ups). Next I'm going to try to work on the coloring. I might be staying up kinda late tonight and drink a pot of coffee!

    anyhow, Thanks to everyone who has helped me so far! I can't tell you all how wonderful it has been to learn from all your advice. You all are great!

    It has been so incredible to hear the stores you all have shared of loosing loved ones. I really have felt some kindred spirits here. Thanks again you all!

    And as always, any tips are welcome πŸ™‚ All the elements are still moveable in Procreate.

    Untitled_Artwork 34.jpg

  • @Squirrelsize i love it. I also like the way you have a few things extending beyond the picture plane. Thats a cool idea.

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    @Squirrelsize This is beautiful. I agree with @suenaumi, the pieces extending outside the border are a really nice touch.

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