The Moment Before My Mom Left WIP

  • 5 and 8 are my favorites

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    This is so heart-breaking. I sincerely hope that your family is going strong. This piece is so powerful. My dad died when I was four due to kidney failure but I was too young to understand the gravity of it all or to even miss him as cold as that sound. I barely knew him enough because of how young I was. I can, however, relate to to passing of my grandma who died when I was 14. She had 2 strokes and was bed-ridden. I was the one in charged of taking care of her because we couldn’t afford to hire extra help. When I was in school one day, my grandma died. I was taking an exam when my mom came and told me my Lola had passed. Until this day, I still feel a guilty for not being by her side that day. I feel really bad thinking she died all alone.

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    I think you'll do a beautiful job capturing the essence of those special moments. It's clear you can communicate it, and by doing so you'll help others feel it too! I'm a big fan of #8. Well done!!

  • #4 is my favorite, however, the piece will be beautiful no matter what you choose.

    Thank you for sharing your story - I'm so sorry for your loss.

  • I'm so sorry for your loss, you're so brave to illustrate that moment and your piece is going to beautiful no matter what. I think I like #4 the best because even though the moment is so sad, there is an element of peace to it ❀

  • @Heather-Bouteneff Thanks for the hugs, sending some your way. I love that phrase: Grief is love unspent. Sometimes I feel like my heart is so full of unspent love.

    Thanks for your tips and I love the idea of using the sunbeams shafts. I think I'll probably do some sort of combination of the thumbnails and I think I will be stealing #4's sunbeams. The Rough Patch has some beautiful illustrations. I love the lighting used in it πŸ™‚

    @Heather-Boyd Thanks girl, yeah, good idea about focus and angle. I feel like that is going to be a big key to really hitting home on expressing the moment.

    Thanks @MichaelaH

    Wow @nyrrylcadiz , my heart goes out to you. My grandmas are very close to me and I can't imagine how hard it will be to let them go. Thats hard.

    Yeah, my family has had a time of it, but I feel like we have all grown closer together.

    Hahaha, yeah @Coreyartus, #8 is getting ranked up. Thanks πŸ™‚

    Hey @djly, yeah, thanks, #4 is one of my faves too

    @hannahmccaffery Hahaha, You may not think I'm brave when you see me slobbering all over the sketches lol. Anyway, Thanks, Yeah, #4 does have some peace to it. I'll have to be to keep that element when drafting more sketches.

  • So I've done three thumbnails, each with a combination of several of the top voted.

    Let the voting commence.

    Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 8.15.16 AM.png

  • I am vote for 1.

  • Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing this "Moment before" with us. I like #3 best because you are not in bed with her. I like the intimacy of being in the bed hugging, however, it could read as just the moment before an everyday nap as opposed to the more profound moment that this is. I think having you at the bedside hunched over really sells what is happening in this image. very touching, I look forward to seeing how it progresses.

  • @andersoncarman Thanks man, yeah, that is a good point. I think hunched over by the bedside would make more sense. I will keep that in mind when doing the next draft.

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    I am liking 3 the best.

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    1. πŸ‘πŸ™‚
      I think the others have too much space to the right that would just be empty or distracting from the focal point.

  • I like 1 and 3 the most

  • @Squirrelsize I really like the first one of the second set of thumbnails you did the most. I think this is because I get more of a sense of peace from the scene. I suppose it’s the more reclined pose of the squirrels, they just look more comfortable and together.
    I’m sure your image will be just beautiful, with your sweet textured graphic style and limited palette.
    I would love to see your finished peace.

  • @burvantill True, maybe i should zoom in a bit more on the next draft.

  • @peteolczyk Awe, Thanks! In #1 they do look more comfortable, I'll note that for the next sketch πŸ™‚

  • @Squirrelsize 1 or 3. 1 has less distractions than 3 but 3 has a more intimate angle. Number 2 is to straight forward -literally in this case.

  • I'm new here and its actually a little scary to post or comment, but yours is the one that finally drew me in! Thank you for being daring enough to share something so real and heartfelt. I hear a lot of good advice about composition, character placement etc. There are many good options. One thing I want to mention is that I see the focal point and the strength being in the quality of their embrace, and of all things I hope you don't lose this. I see it in #5 in your first round of thumbnails and in #1 and #2 in your second round. With that pose you have captured a tender mutual clinging that I love. Nice job. I look forward to seeing where you take it.

  • @Heather-Boyd Hahaha, yeah #2 is really straight forward. I'll have to see if I can combine those two good qualities from #1 and #3

    Hey @suenaumi, Welcome to the forms! Thanks for commenting! Its always nice to have fresh eyes and a new perspective on a project. You have some really good insight. Good focal point tips. Let me know in the future if you think my piece is loosing the strength of the embrace. I think you are right, keeping it would be key πŸ™‚

  • Next Draft! The big one in the center is the newest. I included the top voted for comparing and contrasting.
    Tell me your thoughts?

    I zoomed in a little to get better detail of the moment. How do you all feel about the angle? Also, I put mom's hand on my shoulder, do you all like that? In real life she was too weak to do that, but also in real life, if she had the strength to comfort me she would have. So it could be symbolic.

    I included the hand-pick bouquet of flowers on the bed. During that hard time, to take my mind away from everything, I got extremely obsessed with this flower garden I started. I would pick flowers for her and put them on her side table to enjoy.

    Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 8.29.49 AM.png

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