Group run through creative environment design week 1 art and feedback

  • @Aleksey Yes I would like to see Your raw thumbnails, are You in discord? We were talking about the thumbnails now, I think I have to start, I always thought I should draw a building in all black, but Braden did some free loose sketching with a lot of geometric forms. Mine are very very simple, I hate this exercise, but I had to do it again, loosen myself more.

    here mine simple buildings
    SVS House1.jpg

  • @MichaelaH yeah ill send it once i get my ipad. The filter i tried to use was can i tell how big this building is or can it be resized to any dimension? If i cant tell how big it is, what elements can i add? Awnings Or balconies, maybe a patio, a chimney, weathervane etc.

  • @Aleksey said in Group run through creative environment design week 1 art and feedback:

    can i tell how big this building is

    That's a good question. I like that question. I'm gonna use that question 🙂

  • yeah how big it is relative to an average human size without drawing the human next to it

  • People on the discord were asking for my week 1 thumbs, so figured I'd post them here, too 🙂

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Exercise 1, attempt nr. 2, now I was more loose and tried to no to think of real architecture while drawing. I also made my brush size bigger.
    SVS House2.jpg

  • @MichaelaH cool good shapes, I recommend next trying to incorporate those architectural elements. Like a new batch

  • Can I still join without the discord and still get feedback?
    I only have about an hour (two max) a day to work on this, so my progress is really slow.

  • @murielle You can join us here and we will get YOu feedback, no problem, tak it slow, I have also only about 1 hour for this class a day.

  • Posting this down here in case people don't scroll up 🙂

    EDIT: Feel free to post all your thumbnails. Also, the 'sci-fi demo', if you have time to watch it really ties all the principles together and is a good video to finish off all the instruction.

    SUPER DUPER EDIT: Mr. Parker showcases silhouette thumbnails at around 50 minutes into the 'reference' video. He showcases ALL the homework from the workbook at 50 minutes into the reference video.

    1. Exercise
      SVS Tree.jpg

  • @MichaelaH i like the canopies on these trees. I noticed though some of these are easily divided in half, they would look soo much cooler if you forced the rule of 3rds or 5ths.

  • @Aleksey I know, some of them can be divided, but I like those also 😹 . I try that these trees cannot be divided at least horizontally or vertically. But I liked this exercise more...😄

  • Here is my first addition. These are tiny houses. I did the silhouette and the design of my favorite one.

    Schermafbeelding 2019-04-09 om 18.40.27.png

    The design looks bad, I can't really draw on my tablet, that is why it still looks messy. I believe I kept the design a little too small at this stage, so there is not much detail. If I find the time I might print them out and render them with ink.

    Schermafbeelding 2019-04-09 om 18.49.50.png

  • @murielle oooo really intricate

  • @murielle Nice! I like all the intricate bits you like to include (something I struggle with). It's interesting so far how most people start fairly simple, and then by the end of the first page their designs are much more interesting 🙂

  • @Braden-Hallett said in Group run through creative environment design week 1 art and feedback:

    It's interesting so far how most people start fairly simple, and then by the end of the first page their designs are much more interesting

    I've noticed this as well. I think this exercise is great to get out of your comfort zone.

    The only problem was that somewhere halfway I created houses that were more suited for a near or on water location... which was not what I was going for. 😅

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    I find myself really struggling with these thumbnails, more so with the houses. I am not loose enough, similar to what I think @MichaelaH was struggling with. The problem is that when I try to work loosely, nothing comes to mind and I can't figure out where to put elements so that they make sense. I know these are just illustrations and do not have to be architecturally accurate, but I do not have any mental references to pull from. I had to use references for most of exercise 1, and even some of exercise 2, and I find most if not all of my thumbnails are rigid and really lacking in creativity. I made a conscious effort to loosen up in exercise 3, bu I am still not feeling it. Maybe I just need to review some environment design, or actual reference so I have more to pull from?

  • My trees and free choice thumbnails. For the free choice I wanted to explore what housing might look like for the first people to live on Mars.

    CED_Workbook1_Page_2 completed.jpg


  • @ErinCortese When I'm stuck I normally just make a mark; any mark. With these thumbnails you don't have to work out the details yet, just make an interesting shape and turn that into a building/tree/whatever.

    I also find that using my wonky shaped sketch brush (it's a kind of an uneven diamond shape tip) helps by creating more interesting shapes than a simple circle brush would. If you look at the "windows" on my Mars building at row 2, column 1, that's the shape of my brush. I just used the transparent "color" and tapped to make those.

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