Critique needed- Night Cat

  • @MichaelaH Thanks! I definitely need to get rid of that stroke. I thought it would make it pop but it just looks too tryhard... White bg just seemed too stark for me.

  • Here is a new version with some suggestions- I will redraw the black stroke by hand but wanted to show you what it looked like anyway. I am still worried that the canvas is constraining the movement of the picture. Maybe it's just something I am going to have to sacrifice in order for people to see the details!
    Kitty Print_test.jpg

  • I have to say, it looks much better, I don't need the shadow, only the cat and than I am concentraiting on the inside landscape.

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    @BetelJio I really love the colours in the piece and the scenery inside the cat! The white is a little harsh, I think the contrast is too high. Have you tried other colours? I don’t think the gradient was working either, because of too little contrast. Maybe something in between?

  • Thanks again wonderful people, for helping me out. I've added a few more details and put in a more subtle background. I think it looks it's best yet, but I would be interested to hear your viewpoints. πŸ™‚
    Kitty Print_2.jpg

  • I think that is looking much better.

  • Thanks, I appreciate everyone's help! πŸ˜ƒ

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    @BetelJio Like how this turned out with the shadow. But when I first saw this piece (the earlier version), I thought it was meant to be a painting on a canvas or board that was in the shape of a cat. On a white wall, that would look really cool. The overall effect of this piece is really dreamy.

  • @BetelJio Love the colors and the simple shapes! The only thing that i'm trying to figure out is the shape of the cats face. I'm not sure if its just in a specific style or a special breed of cat, but I feel like the chin is not dainty enough.

    Anyhow, great job!

    Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 1.55.14 PM.png

  • @BetelJio -

    I really love this image and the progress is really wonderful to see between your first post to the most recent!

    For the shadow, I wonder if it might be nice to add a bit more movement or shape corresponding to the cat. I did a quick google search and found this image for reference:


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