Quick few questions ? regarding svs learn courses / direction

  • A newbie question here. Going through the courses there is just os much so I am trying to create my own road map as I want to learn all of it. I am finding a lot of similar courses ...

    1. Is how to ink 2.0 just an improved version of how to ink?
    2. Also Creative composition 2.0 an improved version of the creative composition?
    3. There are 4 digital painting courses digital painting 1, 2 with Denis, 10 steps which should one start with first?
    4. Also, there is Visualizing Drawing in Perspective and Mastering perspective, is the first the foundation and the latter more advanced?
    5. How to draw everything and drawing fundamentals, how do they differ?

    Lastly, there are quite a few disciplines here from painting to drawing to inking to watercolour to digital which can replace everything. It's hard to decide what to do and in what order. Sorry for the plethora of questions just looking for some guidance.

    Being in my current profession is tough and I have about 2-3 spare hours a day I can utilise. I want to make sure I study the right modules to advance in the right direction. From what I have learned I have the following goals to generate income so the career is sustainable:

    1. Writing and illustrating my own children picture books.
    2. Create digital artwork to sell as prints.
    3. I also like vector art which I see isn't really covered here... good for things like stickers, digital templates/stock art.

    I know I have rambled a lot, ut any advice on any of the points would be helpful even it's just one of them.

  • @Geoffrey-Gordon Svs has a suggested curriculum 🙂


    Seems like a handy starting point. It is a LOT of material to get through. Choosing which class to work on can be daunting.

  • The 2.0 versions are just slightly updated versions of the old ones.

  • @Geoffrey-Gordon Welcome!

    Have you listened to any of the SVS podcasts? There is one, I think it’s am I too old to go to art school, where they talk a bit about roadmaps. I think the curriculum linked above is also a good way to think about it. I think how you navigate through the richness is related to what your specific goals are for say the coming year. I mapped my path out. It’s helping me mostly from steering clear of “shiny” while it get some of the fundamentals taken,m practiced and learned! The last 2 are the real challenge!

  • @SketchyArtish Thanks make sense... just upgraded versions

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