WIP Book Cover: The Picture of Dorian Gray

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    @andersoncarman I agree with @hannahmccaffery the swipe of color across the face is the best one. I would also like to see that one in the bottom one as well.

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    Love the second one best! But I also really the 3rd one with the text across the face, I think that's really cool! I wonder how it would look if you mixed the 2, maybe make the paint swipe a bit bigger to put the text on there?

  • I think a combo between 2 and 4. Definitely prefer the solid stripe across the eyes, shows a sense of drama and hate by whoever did the cross out. And the eyes I think are something so personal, to look someone in the eyes can be a deep connection. To cut that out entirely I think simbolizes it’s personal.

    I like the contrast with that of other portraits that are normal, untouched. You could add a lot of fun details with the teams and other portraits and then make the lighting and colors more bold on that center painting to really draw the eyes to that.

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    These are great. The 4th one is my favorite, but as you said, its not accurate to the story to have it hanging on the wall. I think you could make it work if you set the framed photo on the floor in an attic-type space with some other portraits laying or stacked close by. Maybe a few cobwebs and mothballs? That way you'd still have the contrast with the other pictures whose faces are not messed with. I really like the 2nd and 3d versions too, though. They are all very eye catching.

  • @andersoncarman
    Again never read the book however visually speaking I like the background of number 4 with all the other portraits in the background but the paint swip of number 2 instead of the scribble, unless you made the scribble more like engrave scarring of his face.


  • I like 2 and 3 the best. 3 would be my favorite.

  • Nice work! My fave is the last one. It has really good vibe. I love the idea that the picture is actually on the wall - I think that it can be explored in a ways that it doesnt interfiere with the story

  • This looks really great, I like the one with the pink swatch over the face.
    I believe the portrait in the book is a full standing portrait which could open up some more compositional options if you choose.
    Cool stuff. πŸ˜„

  • love the full gallery one, but the second or third paint swatch like others have said. Almost like spray paint which modernizes the story for me in a really good cool way. You can have some fun with the other paintings 'reacting'. So creepy, love it!

  • Thank you all for the wonderful feedback! I have continued to work on this and here is my current stage. I have a digital color mock-up.

    I wanted to go with a really sickly green and red color scheme and the text is white because white is really important to the story. What do you think? I am concerned that it feels messy. The final will be watercolor and will give it a more painterly look on the portrait.


  • I like the color combination, so go for it. It looks good all together

  • I like the colors, looks good πŸ™‚

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