Website Critique 🤘🏽

  • Hey guys Eddy here,

    My wife and I have gone through multiple revisions of our website and feel we finally got to a solid point. After many tweaks we finally feel like our brand is cohesive and easy to navigate.

    We listened to a YouTube video from Will Terry about the benefit of collecting customer info so implementing an animal quiz has been great.

    Im wanting a critique primarily on how user friendly the website is, and on the animal quiz, if there are any questions that should be edited, added or changed.

    Thanks SVS Family!

  • It might help if I put the website down haha

  • Hi Eddysage

    This is an opinion but I'm not a fan of the mailing list pop up the second you go to the site. Is there a way to make it come up later once the user has had a chance to look around instead? Additionally I'm always wary of giving away my email for something like a quiz when I haven't even seen the quiz yet. I think you're on the right track with gathering info but as Jake Parker has said in one of his talks, you need to give before you ask. Aside from that the site seems to run smoothly and has a nice modern feel to it.

  • @eddysage I think your about section is a bit of a mashup between a biography and an artist statement. I think these two things are better kept separate. The reason being you can then write a biography in 3rd person - which contains historical data about education and professional practice. That allows you to write an artist statement in 1st person, that helps the reader connect with you as an artist. Also vision statements can be adjusted and changed depending on what project you are working on or if your style changes. Where your biography can just be added to as you gain more experience or skills.

    I say this coming from working for newspapers/mags and when writing articles, captioning photos or doing research on people. Its better to be able to distinguish between what is historical/background data and what is opinion or a person's viewpoint.

    I'm also not a fan of a pop-up as soon as I land on a page. It can have the effect of making me want to bounce. I prefer a newsletter sign-up box in the footer.

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