WIP Farm Scene

  • I just have to add it wouldn’t be a 90 degree angle ...it´s hard to describe, but the lines should move more towards us

  • Just made a quick sketch 31EC99D3-A70C-4F57-8BC8-958607862247.jpeg

  • Hi djly- You’ve got solid structural elements here already, and moving things around will help make the composition more dynamic. I would want to play with scene structure to make it less center balanced. To deal with that you could move the pig behind the other farm animals. Perhaps the pig is conducting the others, or does he have a different purpose? You could have the marching rooster and two birds coming diagonally more towards us into the foreground space in the bottom right of the image.

  • @saciia_ thank you so much for the feedback and quick sketch re the garden bed. Really helpful, and much appreciated!

  • @RobinCampbellArt - thank you for taking the time to provide feedback! I've done a little rearranging, for now, just focusing on placement. Just to make sure I'm understanding what you're saying, does the placement look like what you had in mind?

    Thanks again!!
    Rooster Placement.jpg

  • I liked the first composition better. The field is better now. Don't forget to change the beak of the rooster, now it is a beak from duck in the form and the tail from rooster is missing, but is is a sketch, so maybe You wanted to add it later.

  • @MichaelaH - thanks for the feedback on composition. Also, thanks for the reminders on the rooster anatomy. I appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback.

  • @djly The perspective on scenes like this is tricky every time! I was just thinking some overlapping might help - meaning the barn (house) is creeping behind the land? and the characters may be on the foreground. But that can be something you are not going for - maybe you want it to be a flat place - in that case, I would move the horizon more to the bottom. So the different elements are almost on the same level, but you create depth by the size of each element and overlapping.

    Hope this helps and it is not confusing!!

    anyway i like the idea and am looking forward to the development ^^

  • @Jonas-Zavacky - thank you so much for this feedback. The perspective has been tricky but learning so much from you all!

    That is a great idea to play with the horizon line a bit more. The purpose of this sketch is really to just try to make something that looks good - and practice some fundamentals. So all those ideas are really helpful.

    Thank you, thank you!!

  • @djly DC3808B9-6C29-47AF-8E67-92D68526DF1E.jpeg

    Your modification could work depending on story context. Consider maybe a variation like this...not sure if this is a two page spread or a single page, and that will make a difference in your layout. If it’s a 2-pg spread the gutter (the middle vertical section)is a place where nothing important should reside.
    I’d do a few different arrangements and compair them to each other to find the best layout. Post the different layouts here too. I’d like to see what you come up with. 🙂

  • @RobinCampbellArt thanks so much for this feedback. Playing around with a few different ideas based on all the feedback I received. I'm using this illustration just as a way to practice some of my fundamentals and so no formal layout. I'll be sure to post my progress!!

    Thanks again!!

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