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  • @Aleksey Totally agree, and I got that was what you were saying, I just worry it is becoming industry standard - there's a very odd conversation in Incredibles 2 that seems to be there just to pass the test. And yes, you're right, it's not the same, as Band of Brothers is historical and my story isn't, I think I was just meaning that each piece of fiction doesn't have to pass the test. But it's good if it changes things for the better in the industry. 🙂

    That is the worry that's going through my head, what would a girl think it she picked up the book. I have wondered whether it would be the worst thing if it appeals more to boys than girls, but then I think, why can't it appeal to both? I don't know, I'm still thinking about the cast gender, but whether I change it or not I'm just going to make sure the female characters are as well written as possible.

    I would love to see something of your webcomic, please do share something on the forum if you like. 😃

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    @BenBernardSmith I appreciate the fact that you even asked the question. A lot of people wouldn't have even thought about it. Good luck with the comic. It sounds like a lot of fun.

  • @BenBernardSmith yeah honestly i think when it comes to all media, these questions SHOULD be addressed regardless if you plan on using female characters or not. Media, including comics, are very influential especially to kids so making sure these messages we are sending dont impact these kids negatively. even If you’re not going to put any female characters in the story, what message are the male characters sending to little boys?

    As someone that works with kids regularly, i can see a distincy difference when it comes to groups of boys and groups of girls. Little boys have plenty of media that makes them feel more important than girls. The girls are told this as well and some grow up believing this is true and it makes me sad.

    And yeah i am working on a fun webcomic idea called “Magic Minis” where the main group of characters are kids. They live in a fantasy world, with dragons, magic, etc.

    Here is art i made that influenced this.
    B6832FA1-1C56-4756-A42F-8EF6408249B6.jpeg F06AB724-91DB-4EDE-A858-006DD93B6732.jpeg

  • In the end do what you love! This post has helped me figure some stuff out myself so ty.

  • @BenBernardSmith I love your settings and if each of these was a daily Inktober drawing-more power to you. I think you have a good sense of perspective in the scenes. And I really like the flying birds with their backpacks. Even in this drawing, each of the birds has a bit of their own character. Way to go!

  • @Aleksey That's a really lovely art style, and a great idea! I look forward to seeing more of Magic Minis. 😀 When do you think it'll be ready for publishing on the web?

    Yes, I go into schools and do drawing clubs and I've noticed those differences, so I will try to be aware of what messages I'm sending out!

  • @Susan-Marks Thanks Susan! I really appreciate the encouragement! 😄

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