LOVE WIP and my "first" attempt at illustration

  • Hey everyone, I am trying to follow through on my first sort of finished illustration.......I normally work in traditional media and representational subjects (a lot of pet portraits in oil as well as other subjects). But since 2019 came in I got an SVS subscription and sketching daily in my sketchbook. I am interested in doing children;s book illustration at some point so am trying to get some skills! I just bought a tablet as well as downloaded photoshop. I have no idea what I am doing lol. I took a sketch that I did on paper, brought into photoshop and drew over it repeatedly (30-40 draw overs I'm guessing and a week of staying at it)........happier with it now tho I have lots to learn on linework etc....I am going to attempt to paint it in photoshop . A real learning challenge ahead for sure! The sketches I have been doing in conjunction with the SVS courses are fantastic but I need to push one of those sketches ahead to painting so I can learn a bit in that realm too...........any feedback is welcome! I am quite open to critiques as I really want to learn and thought the love wip was a good way to start. Thanks 🙂
    the size is probably a bit small.......I really still am pretty clueless about photoshop so I just picked a default photoshop of the many things I need to learn as I go!

    loveWIPa (2).jpg

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    This looks great thus far!! Very cute!! I, too, am new to the whole "drawing from imagination" thing, so I feel your pain. I have a bit of experience with working in digital painting programs and apps, so thankfully that's not a learning curve for me. But this image is off to a great start!! Keep moving forward!! Congrats on finding a fun outlet for your talents, and I hope you have as much fun exploring this whole new world as I am! 🙂

  • I love the flow of her hair and the expression on her face in this one, nicely done!

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    @Coley I think it looks good so far. You can see the love in her face as she squeezes the bear. As far as photoshop, that is a beast in itself. There are so many different ways to go about getting a final image done. When I first started with digital art it would take me weeks to get something done. I would zoom in so much and try to nail every detail. But I learned that it doesn't matter cause you don't even see all those little details in the end. Best of luck on your journey. Feel free to post any questions you have on photoshop and work flow. Most of us here will be able to give you pointers as to how we do it. But no one way is correct, its whats best for you.

  • Thanks so much everyone! I have been working in photoshop and yes, it's a beast lol! Really struggling but I am learning! Hopefully I will end up with something worth posting. I also drew a different more simplified version of my character with a "lost" poster in the background, so now there is a little bit of a story there 😉 nothing too complicated tho. will play around with the two sketches and photoshop and see where I get! Thanks again 😀!

  • Good start! She is so cute. Can't wait to see progress on this one.

  • ok so my wip has not been very wippy lol. I am putting in a ton of daily effort on redrawing this piece and learning photoshop! I have painted in several times but I have so much to learn, results are not pretty to say the least! I did another redraw today, I think I have redrawn 50 times lol. She looks quite a bit different and I added a LOST poster to the background to tell more of a story.......she's found her bear and very happy! I haven't worked backgrounds yet so I am trying to keep it simple for now. I may end up tweaking drawing again but here it is for now and I will try painting again tomorrow. I can't believe I am not sick of this particular piece yet I have worked it so much! Too busy learning........there has been a bit of frustration but am staying with it and each re-do is getting better so I am happy! ! Actually looking at it on thumbnail now. the little hearts look like they're attached with antennas lol so I have to change that! 🙂 lovewipfeb26.jpg

  • Linework looks really nice! The learning curve for digital painting programs is pretty large. Keep at it. I've been using Photoshop since it had version numbers (as a graphic artist) and decided to switch to Clip Studio Paint when I took up drawing/illustration last year. My brain must like abuse.

  • @SketchyArtish lol, that\s funny. yes, it is a lot to learn!!! Eventually we'll all get there 🙂

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