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  • @Heather-Boyd haha. Thanks. The heart shaped was suppose to be formed by tree leaves. I am trying to do a bird-view image. Hope I manage to pull off when painting it.

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    Here is the second painting, still work-in-progress, the same as the first one, I feel like 85% percent done, and then I lost my focus, could not figure out what I should work on to complete it. I always struggle with the last 10-15% of the painting.

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    @xin-li I like this one the best, it is very magical! Sometimes it’s hard to know when an illustration is finished, but I’m not sure that it needs anything else.

  • These are absolutely stunning! You could totally turn all these into prints and postcards when you are done!

    So far my favorite is the night scene. I love the dreamy romantic mood and the color scheme especially. If there is nothing else you can find to do, usually that means the piece is done. We can get into the bad habit of overworking a piece. However, if you take a day or two to not look at it, you usually can see what was bothering you.

    I did a slight paint over to the things I saw and what I may have done differently.

    The focal point is the couple sitting there. Usually when we overlap objects, it adds depth. However, the one firefly I think makes the girl less readable so I moved him off slightly. It helps if the space around them is clear.

    I squinted my eyes and this helps me figure out what reads clear or what needs to be defined a bit more.

    I hope this helps! Keep up the beautiful work!!


  • @Joslyn-Schmitt
    Thanks for the paint over. very interesting. I made one firefly overlapping with the girl, precisely for adding some depth. But I agree that it made the girl less readable. The way you use the size of fireflies definitely added depth. I will definitely try a bit more of the placement of the fireflies.

  • An updated version of the "Love under starts" painting. Thanks for @Joslyn-Schmitt 's great suggestion.
    I also messed around with texture overlay for the background and vivid layer blending mode for the star glow. What do you guys think? Is the photoshop effect overdone?

    Anyway, have a lovely sunday.


  • I don't think the spattery star effect is needed. I liked the more simplified version better. I think the extra spatter pulls focus from your characters. I also liked the previous version because it had a softness and warmth to it, and now my eye's focus is pulled up to the blue, so the piece feels a little colder. This thumbnail sketch was my favorite! I really like the design!

  • I love this! Great idea

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    love test.jpg

    Hey I hope you dont mind I did a quick paint over for you which might help you make your characters stand out. Its just a thought as I like what you have already done. πŸ™‚

  • @Jason-Bowen thank you so much for the suggestion. You paint-over does make the characters pops a lot more. But I do want to keep a little bit more fireflies though, because I want this piece to be a bit surreal and magical. I think I might need tone down a bit the fireflies and lights around the character. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • @xin-li Yeah fireflies are good! The first thing I look at now are the stars (in the paint-over) because they are so bright and then I scan the rest of the pic. Giving your characters some more firefly-glow-magic is an excellent idea and will make them stick out more.

  • @xin-li I love your fireflies! I like that you went all out on it. ❀

  • SVS OG

    @xin-li no problem, I like the fireflies too πŸ™‚

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