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    I've always had an issue with obtaining feed back. In a world of social media I just get the "Likes".. Here, in a zone or artist I'm asking for just that... Artist-Dad-Photography guy .. I'm from a small town and smaller community where art takes a huge back seat as far as value. I have completed lots of degree of art types. When I show my art to locals in my area most of time the scratch their heads and don't know what to make of it.. I find myself always drawn to character/cartoonish things. Where I'm headed is to first children's book.. Time to set the stage and bring my art into the light.. Made these pics attached for fun to give an idea of my style. Thank for you anyone person that takes the time to read and look.. More of a huge thanks for feedback good or bad..

    Art by Curtis Hevewah

  • @Curtis_H The photographs are yours? It will need to be yours or a stock or permission. I specialised in Photography in college but I have not combined it with my illustration work, I have some interest in matte painting in the future to try.

    1. I think for the boat combined photograph I would keep the boat consistent in having a black outline -the red part of the boat doesn't seem to have a black outline. It is an interesting way to merge the real world with an imaginary world - I would continue to play with it and ensure the values match each other -the sea scene looks darker outside than your boat for example. I would also suggest being careful what area of your image you want in focus or for your audience to look at first especially having photography high detail realism in the mix (I would suggest taking Creative Composition 1 - I am, and it's very informative!). Also the smoke in the background is flat and has no dimension (value/ shading) like your boat does. It's important to be consistent - use several references if you need to - I do most of the time.

    2. Your kitty cat work is bright and playful. One thing to note is that there is a tangent (kissing the edge) on the right side where the yellow cat's tail is off the page - keep the tail in the image with enough space for the sides to breathe. And again there is so much to look at all at once - what do you want your audience to look at first and then second.

    🙂 I hope that helps. Welcome.

  • @Heather-Boyd Thank you for the feed back. My tug boat lost at sea.. I like the idea of real life/fusion with drawn images. I will work on the background/lighting.. !! Composition needs a more work I do agree on that.. The smoke is flat. I kinda wanted let the audience know that cartoon elements can exist in the world as well.. The Cat photo.. Once more I more spacing for the charters.. IE the cat's tail.. As far as a fist look to the audience. I like people to look and look more and more.. To notice all things they didn't see the first time. I wanted to keep it busy.. I usually like the views to see what they like out of my pieces.. Thanks for the help ..

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