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  • Here’s what I have so far. Any suggestions before I move to color? AA7AABC2-E4B2-4BA9-9063-FBB58D5E4CBC.jpeg

  • @Kristin-Wauson I love the composition. It has interest and I wonder about the story. So it draws me in. Can’t wait to see the color!

  • @Kristin-Wauson I don't think you necessarily need to over emphasis the strawberries in the back to be heart shaped -maybe subtle suggestion of it but I can tell your main character works with her heart to grow them. 🙂

  • Pretty "sweet" composition. :face_with_stuck-out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Anyway, one bit of feedback is in the value. It's pretty bright right behind her head so my eyes keep focusing on the background. So maybe bring some of that bright value to the front of her face if that's where you want more focus.

    Also, the link to your website with the "http://" isn't forwarding correctly. Taking out the "http://" seems to work.

    Actually, now that I see your portfolio, I think you would have fixed the values I mentioned above in your final pass. Love your work! Looking forward to seeing the final result.

  • SVS OG

    Hi! Neat concept. My one issue might be with the character’s eyes. She’s holding the giant berries but her eyes are looking far off the distance. I don’t know if this is intentional though. I can’t wait to see this in color.

  • @Branden-Brushett thanks! I will keep that in mind as I work on it. Appreciate the compliment and I will see if I can fix the link you mentioned. 🙂

    @nyrrylcadiz thank you! I will make sure her eyes are in the right place in the final 🙂

    @Heather-Boyd I’m glad that comes across. The whole concept was heart shaped strawberries, so I wanted them to be clear in the background since you can’t necessarily tell in the foreground. I actually considered not making them strawberries at all, but just giant glowing hearts. I don’t know if that would give it a cooler fantasy vibe, which I would be into. Hmm.... will have to consider as I move forward. Thank you for your input! 🙂

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    I want to find something but I can't. Great work as usual.

  • What if you moved the background down a bit so that her head is framed by the sky, giving her face more emphasis?

  • Really Love the concept of this image. She looks so dedicated, and satisfied.
    I am wondering if it is on purpose the character is almost in the middle of the composition. Also I agree with @Debra-Garcia's suggestion on moving the sky a bit.

  • @xin-li dang it! I always do that. I will see if I can shift it around some so I’m not bisecting the canvas. Thank you!

    @Debra-Garcia good idea! Thanks 😊

    @Chip-Valecek aw shucks. Thank you!

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