Best Practices for selling Prints?

  • Hi all,
    In a stroke of luck I created a piece that I posted on my social media site that has had requests for prints (enough that I have decided to sell prints)... Trouble is, I'm not certain of the best way to go about it. Esty? Venmo? Make a website (I have one through wordpress) and use Woocommerce?
    Assuming I have had the piece professionally photographed and have found a decent printshop to produce archival quality prints, what pitfalls should I look out for? Shipping problems? Packaging problem?
    Any advice would be appreciated!
    (just in case you are curious... I uploaded the piece for printing...)
    Holy Family for Elijah 1200X1900.jpg

  • @Laurasketches The only way I think to save on shipping issues and to sell different products including prints is to use Society 6 or Red Bubble However I have not made the shift to selling my work so further I cannot help you. 🙂

  • @Heather-Boyd I will check out Thank you!

  • @Laurasketches I use The Printspace in London. They do £6 global shipping on prints and handle limited editions too. Lots of paper to choose from.

    It does depend on where you are based. Society 6 is good if you are in the US. But rubbish if you are in the UK. I had to pay customs fees last time I used them. So I prefer to use a local company so I can check the quality of the prints before sending to any customers.

    If you are sending from the UK to the US, you can fill in a customs exemption form for original or limited edition artwork. I don't know about other countries though. I would've thought US would have a reciprocal agreement with the UK. This exemption cannot be used for open edition prints though.

  • Here's the website for The Printspace

  • I don't know much about prints, but I wanted to mention that I find this painting breathtaking. So, so beautiful...

  • I use to sell prints and find it really good. I find the quality of the print really good. Lovely pic by the way. Inprnt like society6 or redbubble take care of the sale, printing, shipping etc. so you get a percentage of the sale. I found Inprnt to be the best percentage wise.

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