"BIG" Contest Results

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    Hey guys! So glad to be back at it in 2019! This was a good month and everyone seems to be kicking some booty. Makes it harder and harder for me to judge this thing! Lot's of stellar entries with more of a variety in media than I've seen.

    As always, there is three criteria that I look for in judging this:
    1. Concept: how well does your concept fit the overall theme. Is it a unique solution? This is pretty big for me. There are so many cliches in illustration that I'll tend to pick something a little more unexpected. For example, I'll shy away from the ol' "monster in the closet" idea on an image because I've seen it so many times before.

    2. Technique: How is the composition working? Good values and mark making, etc.? Does the technique compliment the concept?

    3. x factor: This really comes down to my personal preferance and if I really like it or not. All judges use this criteria for the most part (they just don't admit it). The good thing (I hope) is that I have done realistic art and very stylized art and teach all of it So I can appreciate a very wide range of work. I am not looking for versions of what I do in my own work.

    So with that in mind, I hope you realize how tough it is to even narrow it down, much less pick a winner. But it's a contest so let's get going!

    1st Place: Laurel Aylesworth @Laurel-Aylesworth
    Laurel really stopped me in my tracks with this goldfish image. Beautiful color and very unexpected reactions from our characters. They both seem so unsure of what is happening. Very dreamy. the technique looks very polished. If this isn't from a specific book that Laurel is writing, it needs to be!

    2nd place: Braden Hallett
    This technique of using something outside the picture window to imply something going on in the shot is something I LOVE. I use it whenever I can and even talk about it in the Visual Storytelling video (which you have all seen right?!). The narrative is the star here and everything supports it. Perfect choice to make the highest contrast and most saturation right in the focal point of the shadow. Sa-weeet!!!!!!!

    3rd Place: Adrian Kuhn @Adrian-K
    Look at those feathers! Dang! Beautifully rendered and very modern feeling with the white background (that's very hip in publishing right now!). So much energy in this piece!

    Runners up (in no particular order):

    Aleksey Nisenboym @swordofodin
    it's friday afternoon/evening right now and that beer is lookin' pretty tasty right now! But I think those little guys are in over their head! Loved seeing this one develop on the forum!

    Sometimes simple and sweet is the way to go. And this image hits that note perfectly. Lovely!

    Kristin Wauson @Kristin-Wauson
    That mouse aint messin' around and that cat knows it. I liked seeing the drawing here in the final paint. I'm not sure why most people paint over their loose and energetic drawing, but I always think that it adds something to it.

    Nyrrl Cadiz @nyrrylcadiz
    We just had a big mouse, now it's time for a big cat! This one is so cool and I love the drama happening between the characters here.

    Julia Rosenbaum
    The concept behind this is so simple and funny. It takes a second to figure out what is going on and the payoff just makes me laugh. I want to see more of this type of subtle humor. If Julia has more like this in her portfolio, she could be very busy with pro work over the next few years.

    That's gonna do it for now. Seriously, there were like 15 more I could have easily put in here. You guys did a great job and I want to encourage you to keep entering. Feel free to comment on which ones you think I left out or whatever. They are all SO GOOD!

    Keep it up! : )

  • @Lee-White yay! This month had so many good entries! I cant believe mine made it in. Im so happy to see that there is progress in my work and it’s not just a dream out of grasp. I’m going to use this fuel to finish more art for my portfolio. Thanks everyone! 😄

    PS Question.. if im doing a childrens book portfolio, should i leave this one out?

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    @Aleksey that is a good question. It seems ok to me, but I thought I'd ask a few people. I'll update as they respond:

    David Hohn: "I don’t have an immediate reaction of “NO!!” so I’d say -- sure. It’s ok."

    Jake: Waiting for response

    WIll: Waiting for response

  • @Lee-White ok thank you I really appreciate your input

  • Thank you! I'm determined to get top 3... maybe next time!

  • @Lee-White Holy friggin' moly!! Thank you Lee, and to the village that is this forum. It's inspiring to see so much talent concentrated in one place, so this is an honor to be sure. So...the prize is Lee, Will, and Jake leaving an outgoing message on my voicemail, right? 🙏 :smiling_face_with_open_mouth:

  • Congratulations @Laurel-Aylesworth and @BRADEN HALLETT. Great work 😊. It’s always fun to see all the talented imagery here on the forum. Thank you @Lee-White.

  • Thank you @Lee-White ! Very honored to be a runner-up. And thank you Lee, Will and Jake for taking the time to do these contests.

  • Congratulations to all the winners! You've all done really great pieces of art.
    This month's contest was so fun, I can't wait to do it with you all again for February! (If ya'll have them every month? I'm not sure... :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_cold_sweat: )

  • @Lee-White Thanks so much for your comments. I have been struggling with how I am finishing work and have been considering going back to painting out my lines, so this feedback really helps. Congrats to all the winners!

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    To the Winners @laurel-aylesworth @Braden-Hallett @Adrian-k and to the runner ups, @rotub @Kristin-Wauson and Julia Rosenbaum CONGRATULATIONS! Great job guys! Amazing pieces this month.

  • Congrats everybody. Some amazing entries! 🙂

  • Congrats for all winners!! As everyone's already said, the works were excellent 👏 👏 👏
    I especially liked the goldfish and the one with the chicken and mice.

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    Such fun images, and some really clever concepts. Congrats to the winners! Well deserved for every one of you.

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    Congrats to all the winners and runners up! This was my first time participating in the monthly competition and seeing all of your submissions was very inspiring and motivating!

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    @avfarrar Yes, pretty much every month! You can check out previous prompts and winners on the contest page 😄

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    @Aleksey the illustration is so awesome! I would totally put it in your portfolio. If it keeps bugging you, could you put an ice cream scoop in the mug? Like they had a root beer float? That would make their bellies full too. Just an idea.

  • @Whitney-Simms said in "BIG" Contest Results:

    @Aleksey the illustration is so awesome! I would totally put it in your portfolio. If it keeps bugging you, could you put an ice cream scoop in the mug? Like they had a root beer float? That would make their bellies full too. Just an idea.

    Hah this is clever I should have thought about this sooner!

  • Congratulations everyone who participated -so many more entries and so much variety! Well done winners! Keeping to a deadline was challenging but rewarding -keep up the trying!

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    Congratulations to the winners, great art work as always.

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