BIG Composition Problems

  • @ThisKateCreates
    Or going along with this, maybe take the trunks out completely?
    Love how this simple fix nailed down the whole picture!
    So whimsical!

  • @kaitlinmakes I'm kinda torn on this one. The level of symmetry in the trees and environment aren't very "dynamic" and give a formal gardens look, which is exaggerated further by the two perfectly symmetrical foreground trunks framing it. It is not a typical device I feel like but only adds to the humor of the huge octopus in my mind. So maybe it should stay just because it's funny? Will be interesting to see the final.

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    @ThisKateCreates I’m torn too, which seems to be the theme of this composition. It’s difficult to find something that clearly works at this point. I have no idea which direction I’m going to go 😣

  • @inkandspatter I think it is working, tbh. Maybe take a break and look at some classical landscapes for inspo on how to keep that formal look? It's also ok to call it done when you can't find the next improvement. Or sleep on it?

    Here is a nice painting I found I found that looks peaceful and formal XD:

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    @inkandspatter This is looking good! - i had a couple ideas about composition - it feels like the main story is the octopus beating the heat with his discovery of the fountain and the reaction of the fellow with binoculars towards the scene - it feels like the composition may be too squished on the right hand side of the canvas - there is a lot of visual weight there and it is hard to come back to the left to enjoy the humorous details there (love the guy reaching out for his ruined ice-cream cone!) My thought is to flip the canvas and then flip the direction that the octopus is leaning so you have a left to right read in the composition - other random things i thought might be showing more pinkish skin on the octopus tops of forms to show that the sun is bothering him? also the elipses of the fountain seem to flatten too soon - lastly possibly adding a bit of texture to the octopus to reinforce it as a focal point? here is a quick cut and paste/paint-over of some of what i was thinking - (i know he should not have a mouth 🙂


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    @Kevin-Longueil Thanks, I didn’t think about flipping it, I will try that! I have cut out the trees so I have more space, and added some overflowing water to the fountain. I still have more spots and colour to add to the octopus, but I wanted to leave it until last so I know how much I have to pump him up. I think I’m going to avoid adding anymore people at this point because it doesn’t seem to be working. My fountain is definitely off, thanks for the example you provided!

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    This is where I have ended up with my "Big" composition. I am just sitting with it now and looking for any final edits before I submit. Any thoughts?


  • @inkandspatter Contradicting myself.... I prefer the version with the trees in front....

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    @ThisKateCreates Unfortunately I no longer have room for them. But I did move the bushes up and crop the final, hopefully it's more balance.

  • @inkandspatter It's really cute. Feel bad for the poor ice cream guy. XD

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