Starting out with digital painting

  • @ThisKateCreates Hi Kate.

    In what way does the Cintiq act up?

    I'm sorry to hear about your injury 😞 I hope they're not lifelong lasting!
    It's good to hear that technology these days are so advanced that there's something working for almost each and everyone.

    Didn't you find that android tablet too small or aren't you a "big" worker?

    Yeah I also always carry my pencase and sketchbook with me no matter where I go! I even have one laying on my bedside tabel for when I have an idea while my brain should actually be going into sleep-modus. It usually thinks otherwise 😛

  • @Sas My sister has an older computer and OS and I think she had some driver issues as well. I didn't see any while I was visiting though. The only issue I saw is she used it in her lap but the display cord would come loose and she would have to wiggle it. XP

    I like doing small detailed drawings but then I start working from my wrist which is harder on my body and I can't draw for many hours. Over the last few years I retrained to work from my shoulder and my joints appreciate it. I will still sometimes do tiny pen drawings but I think 1-2 hours is the longest I would work that way. My sketchbooks are often things that I do in under 30 minutes, which isn't usually enough to bother me so an android tablet would be fine for that. Plus, it would be hard to carry a drawing board and huge paper everywhere! Also I was using the tablet in question for my phone, so it made my phone more ergonomic. Larger screen means less small movement.

    The other thing I just thought of is that I chose a display tablet with VESA mount. Basically you can purchase monitor mounts that allow you to place it in the exact configuration you need. I have ergotron arms that I intend to mount to when I can get them here. It looks like the larger Cintiq has that too though.

    LOL. My sketchbook actually helps me sleep. Sometimes my brain is active but I give it work to do and it's like "but so tired..." I also make more drawing errors though.

  • @Sas said in Starting out with digital painting:

    Wasn't it hard to draw to close up and slow? Did you still have an overview of what you were doing or did you take a scanned in picture which you drew over?

    When you're talking about cleaning up your lines, do you after you scan it and put it into photoshop first cut the image out?

    I usually work from a scanned picture I drew in my sketchbook.
    If I draw directly on my tablet I zoom out to see the full picture. When I'm happy with the sketch I zoom in and draw the line work on a new layer.
    If you work digitally it's important to zoom out often so you don't lose the overview. It's kind of the same thing as taking a few steps back when you work on a large traditional painting.

    I don't feel comfortable broadcasting that I have a YouTube channel, but I made a tutorial on how I draw digitally. This one will show you how I do the slow and tedious line work.

    The tutorial where I clean up my inked lines is in the making, but I'm going on vacation next week, so I don't think I will have it up until after.

    I hope this helps.

  • @murielle Oh thanks! I will take a look at it right away 😃

  • @murielle Oh wow that was so interesting and learnsome! (Apart from learning your dutch as well! :p) Thank you so much for your awesome tutorial. ♥

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