Help! How much should I charge?

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    Does anybody here have some experiences working on character designs, and how much should I charge for creating sketches for the designs? The end result of this project are plastic figures which will play songs and will go together with a song book for kids.
    The first stage of the project are "sketches", and the publisher want me to set a price just for this stage, and if all goes well, we will talk license and money for the next development and finale figure designs...
    But I'm completely lost. I do not want to overcharge, but also don't want to look cheap.
    I was on a telephone with a manager, and tried to get some info about the budget idea the publisher is having in mind, but I was not successful...
    Thank you for any advice! I'm completely lost.

  • @mag

    Other than doing the usual thing of estimating time and charging an hourly rate I'm really not sure.

    I suppose you could always ask them what their budget is...

    I'd check in whatever contract you sign that you still own those sketches though.

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